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The Science Behind Dead Sea Mud Products and Their Benefits

Dead Sea mud mask Dead Sea Mud soaps problem areas

Dead Sea Mud Products Cleopatra is known to be ‘a woman of surpassing beauty’ having seduced two powerful Roman leaders. What were her secrets that made her a legend of beauty?

There were no complete cosmetics or beauty salons during Cleopatra’s reign, only the Dead Sea as her natural health and beauty spa. The Dead Sea is known for its unique minerals and salts which can regenerate and nourish the skin. Not only the waters, but also the black mud found in the Dead Sea are beneficial to the skin.

The mud is a rich, homogeneous mixture of the sea’s minerals such as magnesium, calcium, boron, strontium, iron and potassium. When applied to the skin, it can improve blood circulation, cleanse and soften the skin, leaving it looking healthy and plump.

Aside from the skin therapy from the common skin problems, Dead Sea mud has been realized to treat skin diseases such as Psoriasis, joint problems such as arthritis and rheumatic pains, relax muscles and improve inner calmness and tranquility.

The mineral-rich mud, although best experienced naturally, is being used to manufacture products containing the essential minerals for the skin.

These products range from body wraps, mud masks, exfoliates and creams. Body wraps are basically done to envelope the body in warm, mineral rich mud from the Dead Sea.

The mud is evenly distributed and can reach all the problem areas. This procedure can result in relaxed muscles, moisturized and nourished skin and improved skin elasticity.


Dead Sea Mud


Body wraps are usually done at the spa, but a number of products have been manufactured to experience the same treatment at home.

Home treatment can be done by placing the Dead Sea mud in the microwave up until it is warm enough for the skin to tolerate, applying it to the body,  leaving it for half an hour and rinsing with warm water.  

Facial masks made from Dead Sea mud creates a seal over the skin. The face becomes warmer, the pores release sebum and toxins and at the same time absorbing the minerals from the mask.

As we know, minerals from the mud are very beneficial to the skin and they can help regenerate a healthy cell layer. After the toxin-releasing and nourishing treatment, new skin cells will smooth the outer layer of the skin and make it look healthy.


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Continuous skin care with Dead Sea mud will change the once damaged skin will benefit from a renewed and strong protected system, smoother skin texture, good skin moisture, and normal cell regeneration rate.  

Other Products Aside from masks and body wraps, some products made from the Dead Sea Mud are also gaining popularity.

Regular use of mineral-rich Dead Sea Mud soaps improves the skin texture and appearance. Hydrating mud shampoo is also available. This shampoo is used to help strengthen the scalp, avoid dandruff and have healthy hair.

Pampering the skin is not only taking care of your outside appearance, it is also a way of boosting your inner confidence. Give your skin the best and you will look the best.

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