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Vitiligo and Dead Sea Minerals: What You Need to Know About This Treatment

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While having vitiligo should not be a cause for alarm because it is neither a threat to life nor contagious, blotches of white patches on the skin are undesirable. You may have thought that it is a skin condition that only affects people with a dark complexion, but that’s far from it.

Vitiligo affects all races. In some cases it is noticeable, as is the case with dark-skinned victims or hardly visibly on people with a white complexion.

All the same, it is a skin condition you will want to get rid of as soon as it appears. Doctors have not been able to predict how far and wide first signs of vitiligo would spread on the skin, but at least they have a solution.

From mouth membranes, eye lashes, retina, hair, arms, legs to beards and scalp, vitiligo affects different parts of the body. The big question is can Dead Sea minerals help remedy this condition?

Well, many medical experts opine that vitiligo is hereditary, but that’s a topic for another day.

Dead Sea mineral treatments for vitiligo

The Dead Sea is the lowest point on earth, but that’s not the main point. It is a source of some of the rarest yet medicinally powerfully earth minerals you won’t find anywhere else.

It should also interest you to note that for thousands of years, people have visited the earth’s saltiest lake to bathe and float in its waters.

Because mineral salt compounds from the world’s most saline lake exhibit powerful healing properties, the big question is can they treat vitiligo?

Let’s forget about a general agreement that there is no treatment for the skin condition and explore the possibility of finding a cure in mineral salts.

From psoriasis, eczema to acne, minerals from the Dead Sea have been the best remedy to millions of people suffering from skin diseases. Thus, if you thought you can use the same to treat vitiligo, let’s find out.

·        Climatotherapy treatment

Given the high level of salt concentration in the Dead Sea, the climate in the air is equally different from other parts of the world. Vapour from the lake is particularly important to those who visit this part of the world in search of relaxation.

It is for this reason that Climatotherapy is a treatment approach for vitiligo that studies have shown to work.  But what is it, you may want to ask.

Well, Climatotherapy treatment for vitiligo is all about staying around the Dead Sea while undergoing a medical procedure. It has been established that patients who stick around for long experience better results. Re-pigmentation of white blotches is faster regardless of severity of the condition.

·        Oxygenation therapy and phototherapy

Given the location of the Dead Sea which is -400 meters below sea level, narrow light spectrum and the high salt composition, undergoing phototherapy (sunbathing) in this part of the world, especially if you suffer from vitiligo is a remedy to the condition.

The fact that there is little to no fluctuations in atmospheric conditions further aids in treatment of vitiligo according to studies.

The Bottom Line

Climatotherapy, oxygenation therapy and phototherapy help improve immune system, restore endocrine and other malfunctioned systems that trigger vitiligo. While you should not stay for long out in the sun, narrows light spectrum here are the least harmful to one’s skin.


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