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What Is Holy Anointing Oil Made Of?

spirit of the god What Is Holy Anointing oil made of

The holy anointing oil has an extraordinary importance for the Judeo-Christian religions due to its origin. According to the scriptures, God talked to Moises to give him the ingredients and instructions on how to do it. Moreover, its use was initially reserved for relevant people in the community. The oil is also suitable to anoint objects.

If you set the proper mood and intention, using it as a method to bless your house and your beloved ones can offer you a lot of benefits. Nowadays, you can prepare it easily because all its ingredients are available in many places. 


By the time the holy anointing oil was introduced, there were not clear measuring methods as we know them today. Most of them were not very precise and difficult to measure. The original measures of this oil are taken with the hin and shekels. Hin is a measure for liquids that had a specific use for wine, oil, and water. Today, the equivalent measure for one hin is about 3,66 liters. 

A shekel was a sort of coin with an approximate weight of 11 grams. However, you must be aware that measures and weights were different from what we know today. Hence, all equivalences are unprecise.


  1. Pure Myrrh(about 6 kg) This is a resin-type substance that some trees spill out after cutting their bark. Its main function is to nurture the trees with essential elements. The properties of this substance start with a strong capacity to kill bacteria and microbes. Also, it helps to treat wounds and infections. Despite those properties, the myrrh has a pleasant fragrance. Due to its powerful properties, Egyptians used it for mummification.
  2. Sweet Cinnamon(about 3 kg): Cinnamon is found inside barks of trees named Cinnamon. Besides having a delicious flavor and smell, it also has anti-inflammatory properties. It is a very popular spice and is available almost everywhere. Also, it has been like that since ancient years. 
  3. Sweet Calamus(about 3 kg) This plant with a sweet orange smell is also a potent aphrodisiac with calming and sedative properties. Depending on the dosage and the way to consume it, it can work as a stimulant and increase the sense of well-being. 
  4. Cassia(about 6 kg) This species is a close relative of the cinnamon. It is also known as Chinese cinnamon and perhaps is what you commonly know as such. It has a strong smell and is commonly used for desserts and other foods. 
  5. Olive oil: (3,66 liters) Without a doubt, olive oil is one of the noblest ingredients since ancient times. It has a sweet flavor and smells that enhance the features of all species. Although there were other types of oil at that time, the selection was for olive oil. 

The secret ingredient 

Besides all the species and oils, the ritual to receive the holy anointing oil requires a deep intention to receive the spirit of God. That is what makes this oil so special and relevant these days. 

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