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What Really Helps Your Hair Grow?

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Hair loss can render you hopeless, especially when damage to the follicles is severe. Thus, apart from those who are naturally bald, there is very little you can do in some cases. A question then comes to mind. Is there something you can do to re-grow hair? Also, what does science and research say?

Well, with festive season getting feverish, we know donning bohemian braids would be a perfect styling for most women. But what if you don’t want to put on a wig? Is it possible to grow your hair faster within a few weeks?  

These questions can go on and on. But before you can sit back, try some of the best methods and watch hair follicles burst into fuller and finer hair, there are things you must do. First off, it is imperative that you understand different stages of hair growth namely Anagen, catagen and Telogen.  

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Understanding stages of hair growth

The first phase, which is Anagen, is active for about 8 years. In the second phase, which is Catagen, hair will stop growing.  It often last for a maximum of 6 weeks but not less than 4 weeks. In the final phase, also known as Telogen, hair starts falling out.

It could be in the shower or when brushing. It is also noteworthy that in the final phase of hair growth, people lose about 100 strands of hair every day. You cannot turn back the hands of time at this point so that the process can revert back to Anagen.

Helping your hair grow

Now, the next question is does it mean there is no hope for ever growing hair? The answer is that you can still make an effort, testing some methods that boost hair growth. Here are some tested and proven ways of helping hair grow even after the final phase of Telogen:

§  Food supplements

Uptake of supplements is backed by science. Biotic is a perfect example. Studies label it as hair growth supplement. Others include vitamin E, A, C and D.  You should also increase uptake of minerals such as zinc and iron because they activate the Anagen phase.

§  Proper dieting

There is enough proof already that healthy dieting promotes hair growth. In a few weeks, you should witness a fuller and thicker hair on your head and other body parts. But first, you must forbid sugars from your diet them embrace Mediterranean diet, often rich in vitamins, proteins and minerals.

§  Protect your hair

From using harsh chemicals (shampoos, serums and creams) to brushing hair haphazardly, sometimes hair loss is self-inflicted. You should, therefore, be kind to your hair to avoid extreme loss of healthy-growing strands. Always use essential oils that boost hair growth, at least every week. Moreover, avoid over tightening your hair after styling.

Final Thoughts

In the end, you would want to have a healthy, fuller and finer hair. With tips in this post-tested and proven, you should not fret. Talk to your stylist about self-inflicted hair loss to avoid further damage to follicles due to pulling or use of harsh chemicals.

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