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Where's The Dead Sea?

minerals from the Dead Sea where is the dead sea located where's the dead sea

The Dead Sea or if directly translated from Arabic to English is the Sea of Death is also known as the Sea Salt. Actually even if it is called sea, it is not a sea. It is a lake. The salt lake is surrounded by land mass of different countries.

In the east of the lake is Jordan, and in the west of the lake is Palestine and Israel. Its surface and shores stretches to about more than 400 meters or almost 1,500 feet, which is below sea level.

It is actually the lowest elevation on land here on earth. Aside from being wide, it is also a deep lake, and the deepest hypersaline lake in the world.

Its depth is around 300 meters or almost a thousand feet. The salinity of the water in the Dead Sea could reach at 34%.

Although it is a lake, which is usually a fresh body of water, the Dead Sea is almost ten times saltier than the ocean.

Imagine how salty that is. Because of its saltiness, the environment underwater is harsh that is why all sorts of aquatic animals and plants could not live in it.

Thus, it is called Dead Sea. The Dead Sea is 50 kilometers long and 15 kilometers wide at its widest point. So it is actually a very huge lake.

It lies in the Jordan Valley and its main offshoot is the Jordan River.

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Fascinated Tourists

The Dead Sea has fascinated tourists from around the Mediterranean area for thousands of years now. You can read it in the Bible that it was a place of comfort and solace for King David.

King Herod the Great created the world’s first health resorts in the Dead Sea. It has been the source of wide variety of products from balms for the mummies in Egypt and it is also a source of potassium for plant and land fertilizers.

People also use the salt and the minerals from the Dead Sea to create products such as for cosmetic products, tea and other herbal stuff. There are also numerous small communities near or surrounding the Dead Sea.



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These communities include Ein Gedi, Neve Zohar and also several Israeli settlements such as Mitzpe Shalem, Avant and Kalya which compose the Megilot Regional Council.

There is also a natural reservoir or a nature preserve at Ein Gedi and a number of Dead Sea hotels that are located in such community.

There is also the Potash City which is a small community on the Jordan side of the Dead Sea.

The Dead Sea not only attracts the tourist in the Mediterranean basin but also is now renowned to the world, as far as Europe, America and Asia.

Many tourists from all over the world are very much eager to go to Israel or in Jordan to pay a visit and experience the magical healing powers of the Dead Sea.

So when you are planning to go to Israel, don’t forget to go to the western part of Israel, near Palestine to see for yourself the majestic Dead Sea.

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