Why Do We Need Men Skin Care?

Men skin care



Why Do We Need Men Skin Care?

Not many years ago, men who were conscious about their skin and general well being were caste as effeminate and ridiculed for the most part.

This notion is not true anymore as it is perfectly recommendable for men to look after their skin as much as it is expected from women.

Today, skin care is no longer restricted to gender. It is about maintaining oneself, keeping your skin healthy and looking well.

At present, one can see the markets flooding with men care products. Thus, men of today are being more responsive towards their skin and taking interest towards daily care regimen.

So, what are the few things that men need in skin care to keep their skin fresh and healthy?


Skin cleansers


Soaps simply do not suffice in cleaning. Even though men skin is tougher and thicker than of women, it can end up more irregular and rough using ordinary soaps.

The ideal way to keep the face hydrated and clean to the very pores is by using a formulated skin cleanser with a pH that is balanced.

One may ask why exactly a cleanser is so integral. Skin cleansers reduce the possibility of pimples and blemishes that even the skin of men tend to develop.

Therefore, at Dead Sea Minerals Cosmetics you would find skin cleansers manufactured from natural components, pure from artificial agents.


Skin scrub

An effective scrub is highly important to keep your skin free from dead cells. The dead cells make your skin appear dull.

Good scrub is the need of the hour to erase this appearance for a smooth, soft skin that makes shaving easier too.

Our scrubs contain very minute granules that are very gentle towards men skin. These need not to be used every day. Once or twice a week is good enough.


Skin moisturizer

Moisturizers are at the very foundation of your daily skin care. For men, who already have a rough side to their skin, should make a regular use of moisturizers for it to keep hydrated and healthy.

It is important to note that moisturizers should not be taken as any other lotion for your face; they in fact have their own specific formulations designed for the face only. Hydration cream after shaving and cleansing is recommended.

On the other side, if your skin has a dry edge to it, you should consider non-greasy lotions as an option.






Yes, for men too this particular body part should not be ignored. Being a significant part of the body, it only makes sense that it is accommodated in the daily skin care. Lip balms are great moisturizers.

If lips are too dry for all season, the balm may not infuse in, therefore, scrape off the outer dry skin gently, say with a toothbrush and then apply the balm.

Taking care of your skin and body is not girly thing. It is in fact the basic requirement of everybody, men and women, to indulge in small daily skin care. All it takes is a cleanser, scrub and moisturizer to appear bright and shining every day.


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