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Creating the Perfect Bath: Blending Dead Sea Salt and Epsom Salt Tips

Can You Mix Dead Sea Salt? Mix Dead Sea Salt and Epsom Salt

Dead Sea Salt and Epsom Salt are the most popular types of salt you can find in the market. Both have exceptional components that make them suitable to alleviate and relieve medical conditions. Due to their power and effectiveness, some people wonder if it is possible to blend them to maximize their effects. To answer this question, it is necessary to clear up what these two salts are and how they react in our bodies.

Dead Sea Salt Vs. Epsom Salt

Dead Sea salt contains sodium chloride, commonly known as salt, and more than 20 minerals. The properties of this type of salt come from the accumulation of all these minerals. Some of those minerals include calcium, copper, bromide, and magnesium chloride. They help to alleviate, relieve, and replenish essential minerals that the body needs for functioning.

On the contrary, Epsom Salt is not even salt. It is a compound made of high levels of magnesium sulfate. The reason to name it like a salt comes from the shape that it takes when it crystallizes which makes it look like real salt. However, it also has medical properties, and it is very popular for many uses.

Blending salts

Blending different types of salts is common these days. Moreover, many pre-packaged products mix them with essential oils and other natural elements. They help to maximize the absorption and enhance the properties of the salts.

Although you can mix them on your own, the composition of each type of salt requires that you consider several elements. That will allow you to take the best advantage of both salts and will keep you safe from reactions.

When you consider blending Epsom salt and Dead Sea salt, the first element to consider is the number of elements that you find in both products. As set above, the Dead Sea salt contains more than 20 minerals plus sodium chloride (real salt), being the provision of magnesium chloride very high. The body and the skin absorb this type of magnesium quickly and easily. Also, it lasts more time inside the body and uses it more efficiently.

On the other hand, Epsom salt  contains only magnesium. As a result, if you opt for mixing both types of salt, make sure that you do it because you want to increase the provision of this mineral. However, it is in the way of magnesium sulfate which the body absorbs more slowly.

Magnesium is a powerful mineral with anti-inflammatory properties that contribute to DNA repair, improves muscle movement, and speed up healing time.

Although you can blend both salts, you should consider that Dead Sea salt is a superior product when it comes to nurturing your body. The number of minerals and their powerful combination, make it an exceptional product. However, the availability of Dead Sea salt could be restricted sometimes. After all, it only has one source to obtain it.  In such cases, it is valid and useful that you opt for using Epsom salt. The original product comes from England but currently many labs manufacture it.

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