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Can Stress Cause Loss Of Hair? Will It Grow Back?

alopecia areata can stress cause loss of hair? does stress cause hair loss? Telogen effluvium Trichotillomania

Hair loss is an emotive issue. It can lead to low self-esteem and even cause stress.  However, here is a question many people have been asking. Does stress cause hair loss? In addition, as soon as one is free from stress, will the hair grow back? Well, there are many arguments and counterarguments on this topic but you should always stick to the facts.


According to several studies by reputed institutions and medical experts, stress related hair loss is a common phenomenon. It goes beyond the fact that everyone loses a strand of hair every day.

Whether through taking a bath or biological process, alopecia, which is the medical term hair loss, happens. We cannot prevent it. Thus, medics argue that people lose hair for different reasons if we momentarily exclude stress. They include:

  • Hair loss due to illness.
  • Pregnancy related hair loss.
  • Healthy conditions such as thyroid disorder.
  • Some types of treatments such as chemotherapy cause hair loss.
  • Lastly, stress is a known cause of hair loss in both men and women.

Does stress cause hair loss?

Yes, stress does cause hair loss according to several studies. Whether it is psychological or emotional stress, hair will stop falling out after about three months, unless there is another medical condition that makes it happen.  When stress strikes, hair follicles, medics say, go into a resting phase.

§  Flight and fright response

It is also noteworthy that under stress, flight and fright hormonal response results into hair loss. During this time, the human body produces hormones to handle stress. A change in hormonal balance hence affects how fast hair grows on your scalp.

§  Telogen effluvium

Another reason why hair loss occurs during stress is a condition called Telogen effluvium. During this time, hair tends to grow on the body at a slower rate than usual. You will, therefore, have to wait several weeks to witness rapid hair growth, something that is often unusual.

§  Alopecia areata

Hair loss is often manifesting as receding hairline. Medics refer as alopecia areata to a condition. When you begin to notice hair falling off in clumps around or on the scalp, you should know it is a stress related, also known as alopecia areata.

§  Trichotillomania

There are times when you will pick and pull off hair on your head, chin and other body parts even without realizing it. Often, it happens because of stress. Thus, another stress related hair loss is called Trichotillomania.


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The bottom Line: Will the hair grow back?

It should not be surprising that stress causes hair loss. However, the rapid speed at which it occurs should worry anyone. It is always that time one devises a way of managing stress, anxiety and any other condition that raises levels of worry.


The good news is that as soon as you are free of stress, hair follicles move from resting phase to active growth. Normal stress levels hence restore mental wellness. You should, therefore, expect to have your hair back after a few months.

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