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Revitalize Your Mind and Body: A Comprehensive Guide to Dead Sea Wellness

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What Kind Of Minerals Are In The Dead Sea?

A lot has been said about the Dead Sea, but the fact that zero-life thrives in it isn’t going to surprise you as would its minerals salt content.

Ocean salts have a long history dating back to many centuries ago, when people traded in salt products, with history books documenting ancient Kingdoms such as Egypt and Roman Empire where people depended on salt and minerals to fund day to say activities, and also a medium of exchange.  

Discovery of the true value of The Dead Sea


Dead Sea


If you are planning a trip to Israel or nearby countries that straddle the Dead Sea, soaking in the waters is something with which you should make a date.  

You are not only going to enjoy a fun-thrilled holiday gateway, sightseeing, getting up and close with ancient Biblical ruins, but also, a day in the world’s saltiest lake is going to be truly magical.

After discovering what lay beneath, ancient seamen embarked on mining salt and minerals from the sea, something that has since changed the story of skincare, include approached to dermatology.

How does skincare relate with the Dead Sea?




Skin conditions can range from mild to extreme.  And with the discovery of healing properties of the Dead Sea waters, a new twist in cosmetology came to light.  

You may have been depending on foods with high nutritional value to enhance the look of your skin, or even medical procedures such as laser treatments, radiation and retinal therapies, but nothing will feel good like nature’s emollients.

Research-backed and experienced-based findings are fool-proof backings of benefits that Dead Sea salts, mineral and the waters bring into everyone’s skincare regimen.  

They include cure from the following skin conditions:

  • Skin dryness
  • Acne
  • Wrinkles

Understanding the value of Minerals found in the Dead Sea


Value of minerals


Different blogs list varying figures regarding the amount of mineral salts in the sea. Averagely, there are 26 mineral compounds, out of which, about ten are unique to this part of the world. Now take a dive deeper, discover and learn about each of them below:

·        Calcium

When you soak in the Dead Sea waters, your skin comes into contact with calcium, a mineral salt that strengthens cell membranes. Thus, one experienced enhanced blood circulation.

·        Potassium

Potassium is known for its usefulness in healing wounds. As a component of blood platelets, it helps form a thick mesh on fresh would for quick recovery.  In the Dead Sea, you get it in plenty.

·        Sodium

Sodium is not only a useful mineral salt in Spas and home baths, but also a great skin aerator. A few minutes of swimming in the salty waters thus help realize balance of fluids in the lymphatic system.

·        Magnesium

You will find magnesium in Sea salt, and with its role being balancing skin temperature, you shouldn’t make a date with the Dead Sea where it exists in plenty. It is also a useful anti-aging element.

Bromide, chloride, Zinc and many other minerals exist in the sea, all of which contribute towards skin’s immunity to diseases, P.H balance, blood circulation and are also great moisturizers for a smooth feeling.

 Why Is the Dead Sea Good For Your Healthy Skin?


Healthy skin


With so many skincare products in the market today, it is expected that you would be spoil for choices when you go out shopping.  

On the flipside, it is increasingly becoming difficult to distinguish genuine from fake. You must therefore ask important questions before putting money on any product. For example, what are the ingredients to look for in a cosmetic product?

The truth is; while you can buy top brand deodorants, hair shampoos and body cleansers at affordable prices in cosmetic stores nearby, sometimes the best comes from nature.

Earth’s lowest altitude creates unforgettable memories


human nature


For centuries, millions of people have been seeking natural healing from Mother Earth, in which, the magical waters of the Dead Sea and assorted wild herbs comes to mind.

Indeed, the relationship between human nature (humankind and nature) keeps growing stronger by the day.

Today, the story is not different from what took place thousands of years ago, when rulers like Cleopatra sought skin nourishment from nature.

People from all walks of life still make numerous trips to the Dead Sea every year in the hope that swimming in it would cure them from skin ailments.

This post explores the earth’s miraculous waters straddling parts of Israel and Palestine.  

For someone is planning the first visit, take note that there are many beaches; each lined with top class Spas from which to choose a relaxation point. From Kaila Beach, Neve Midbar, Ein Gedi, Ein Bokek to Biankini and others, visitors have numerous options at their disposal.

From contagious to non-contagious conditions, which also means, treatment plans for every skin condition varies. Therefore, if you are in need of top quality care products, the following should inform your product choice:

  • Skin type. People who have normal skin type would need a different product from those whose epidermis display characteristics such as dryness, or scariness (flaky or scaly).


  • Ingredients in a given product.  From hydrating, nourishing to smoothing elements, it is important to have a reason for using a given cosmetic.


Quality is another important consideration to make. Proliferation of fake skincare products is on the rise, which means, one must make sure to buy Dead Sea products with a mark of quality.  You can also look out for international standardization mark of quality before putting money on a bathing gel or a hair shampoo.

       Treatment of skin conditions


    skin diseases


    If your skin is riddled with psoriasis, soaking in the waters of the world’s saltiest sea will not go in vain because the high concentration of the magnesium will help offset your skin on a path of recovery.

    By scaring off dry skin or scales, it is also a great exfoliate for a supple and soft skin.    

    Skin aeration for internal-external body balance

    Sodium is a perfect skin aerator, and with its high concentration in the Dead Sea, you can be sure of healthy hair follicles.

    It is all thanks to rigorous pore cleansing capability of the mineral. It is also noteworthy that Dead Sea composition provides the body with essential mineral salts.

    Strengthens skin cell membrane

    With other minerals such as calcium, which is vital for strengthening skin cell membrane, soaking in the water will not only give you a bouncy feel, but also good for the health of your skin.

    Is Salt From The Dead Sea Good For Your Skin? Top 5 Most Common Facts





    For centuries now, salts have remained undisputed food additives. However, there have been many other uses, far beyond imagination, even today.

    The history of salt baths dates backs to 2700 BC in China according to publications, which also document similar cases in Ancient Egypt, Greek Empire and the Roman Age.

    Cleopatra of Egypt was known for soaking herself in Dead Sea to experience a soothing feel from its mineral and salts, something which is believed to have contributed to her glowing and majestic looking skin.

    In Roman Empire, grand Salt bath houses marked significant moments as places where would gather for healing and relaxation in brine's.


    Dead Sea Salts Today and where you can find them


    salt baths


    Over the years, salt baths have continued to be a means to skin conditioning among other benefits in different parts of the world. Today, the Dead Sea remains a place where millions visit each year to experience its healing properties.

    • You do not have to worry if you cannot make it to Dead Sea because with Spas and wellness centers nearby, one only needs to have an appointment with a skin therapist for a relaxing massage. Salts and minerals from the Dead Sea are sold in cosmetic stores and wholesalers in major outlets around the world from where Spas buy them.  


    • Along the shores of the world’s saltiest sea, are plants that have been partaking in extraction of Sodium, Calcium, and other minerals in large quantities for processing and distribution around the world.


    Facts about Skin Care Tips with Dead Sea Salts


    Skincare is an integral part of a healthy living, in which case, apart from the regular oil-based cosmetics products you will find in cosmetic stores, taking good care of your skin should include use of salts from the Dead Sea.  

    A good salt scrub regimen would bring into your life, a new experience with medicinal properties that comes with using prescribed salts, and of course, with the right mixture proportions.

    The following are some of the most common facts about salts from the Dead Sea, and why they are good for your skin:

    • Potassium improves skin-self healing process from wounds and cuts, including scars.


    • If your skin is susceptible to diseases, magnesium in the Dead Sea is all you need to boost the immunity of the largest body organ.


    • A combination of salts from the world’s saltiest Sea has never disappointed, especially when it comes to improving skin’s appearance and texture.  It means, swimming in the salty water will make your skin smooth and soft to touch.


    • A balance in body P.H is only possible when there is skin aeration.  Moreover, because those who have been to the sea for swimming sessions have reported general feeling of wellness, it can only be attributed to the mineral salt concentration in the Dead Sea water.


    • Strong skin cell membrane and improved blood circulation to skin layers is another thing you will easily achieve when using sea salts.


    Swimming In the Dead Sea? 5 Best Tips Before You Try!



    If you are water-phobic, in which case, swimming is something you’ve dreaded all this while, the Dead Sea is a place where you could very well experience the first dive of health.

    One doesn’t need swimming lessons because floating comes naturally after a few seconds of trying to regain balance.  However, just like any other place, it would be unwise to throw caution to the wind when once in the water.

    Before going into the details, here is a look at the basics:


    Why do people go swimming in the Dead Sea?


    According to researchers, the water volume in the sea is shrinking slowly. They project that in the next fifty years, the Dead Sea may be no more.

    River Jordan, which has since been supplying the Earth’s deepest point with water, has had its water diverted elsewhere.

    That is not the only problem. Sinkholes in the seafloor are beginning to usurp the waters bit by bit.

    • So, what’s the catch here? Well, if you are yet to make a trip to the world’s miraculous waters, do it sooner than later or you could very well miss out on a raw experience with a place that has seen thousands of top quality skincare products get to the market, saving skins of millions from rare conditions and psoriasis.

    The Dead Sea contains about 26 common and rare mineral salts, ten of which are not found anywhere else.

    Therefore, if you go swimming in the Dead Sea, that is something to keep at the back of the mind or one may end up consuming more than a dozen of these mineral compounds in one gulp.


    Swimming Tips

    Once again, swimming lessons not going to be there, albeit, beach security is always on standby to take care of any emergency situation.

    After doing some homework, the following are handy tips for swimmers who visit the Dead Sea for a dive that would later rejuvenate their skins:

    • Wear your old or black swimming costume. The high concentration of natural salts in the Dead Sea is enough to worry anyone who will be taking into the water in a swimming costume.  You can be sure white costumes will change their color once they dry up, and it is why, one of the safe tips is to use old or dark swimming wear.


    • Cover skin wound and cuts. It is a handy tip for those who want to soak in the Dead Sea. You must bandage up wounds and cuts on your skin before wading into the salty water. While you will not be staying longer in the water because it is not advisable, any contact between cuts/wounds on your skin and the water will feel worse than anything you can remember.


    • Protect your eyes. Do not mistake this to mean wearing swimming goggles, after all, it is impossible to sink in the Dead Sea water, however hard you may want to try. Just make sure your eyes are safe from water splashes to avoid irritation, something that could be a cause for more trouble.


    • Do not use your camera in the water or carry any other electronic before its salty water getting into contact with will be a reason enough to worry you.


    • While it is not very necessary to wear water sandals to cushion your feet from sharp sea salt crystals.


    Can You Drown In The Dead Sea? 5 Safety Tips for You!

    For one to remain afloat on water, the law of physics states that he or she must displace the same amount of water as the body weight.  

    This is true for those who take their swimming expeditions or lessons into fresh waters. However, in the Dead Sea, arguably, which the lowest altitude in the world (-430 meters below sea level), there is nothing like swimming.

    Because of the rich endowment with mineral salts such as Sodium, Magnesium, Potassium, Bromide, and calcium, you will be floating.


    High Density  

    The density of fresh water is 1 g/ml.  Now, come to think about all the mineral and salt deposits in the Dead Sea, which statistics peg at about 33-35% Concentration.

    It means Dead Sea waters are way denser than most seas around the world, thanks to the high concentration of these natural salts and minerals.

    Thus, that alone makes it easier to swim in the waters without having to move your limbs. In fact, you do not need swimming lessons to buoy in the waters regardless or your size, weight or shape.  


    Is it safe to swim in Dead Sea After all?

    Well, you wouldn’t want to assume that a possibility of drowning into the Dead Sea waters is almost nonexistence.

    • There have been a few occasions where bodies have been pulled from the waters after swimming ‘fantasies gone-wrong’ incidences, albeit, the figures are nothing compared to the millions who take a dive of health and come out with a skin as soft as a baby’s. It means, you should better be safe than sorry, if the fact that the Sea supports zero life is anything is to consider.

    Safety Tips for those who visit

    Thousands of people who have swam in the Dead Sea have shared their views, including tips on what one should do one he lands here.  Therefore, the following are experience-based safety tips you need to have at the back of your mind when visiting:


    ·        Do not carry electronics in the water

    You may want to have the Christmas watch on when swimming in the Dead Sea but it is not a good idea after all.  The salty water will damage it sooner than later. Also, avoid getting into the water with other electronics such as a camera, but instead, have someone on the sides take pictures of you.


    ·        Never swallow the water

    In Spite of sea salts’ many benefits, swallowing water in the Dead Sea is not something you should try. The high concentration of mineral salts is likely to cause heart problems by raising blood pressure if consumed directly.


    ·        Bandage wounds and cuts

    It is never going to end well with anyone with wounds swimming in the Dead Sea without taking precautionary measure of covering up them up.


    ·        Do not overstay in the water

    Swimming in the salty lake will ultimately yield fruits when your skin starts to feel like a baby’s. However, limit every session in the water to 30 minutes then embark to the shore for about 15 minutes before another round of soaking.


    ·        Lastly, do not dive into the water.

    Even though you will regain your balance faster than you would in freshwater lakes, a splash of water into your eyes is the last thing you want to experience.

    How Much Sea Salt Do You Use In A Bath? Top 5 Best SPA Tips:

    People who visit Spas do it for a reason.  It could be to have a good and relaxing massage or experience a soothing salt scrub after a long day at work.

    Whether it is possible to make your own bath salts at home is a question that people asking, and most of the times, DIY bath bombs come to mind.

    Well, if you were to visit the Dead Sea, at least every three months, there will be no need for occasional use of bath salts at home.

    Because this post explores the home SPA tips for everyone, it is necessary to understand how to mix proportionate amounts of salt and water for your bath water.

    You wouldn’t add a whole 500 grams of Epsom or Himalayan salt into water and expect a soothing and cool experience after all. That could be too much for your skin to tolerate.


    Facts about Salts Concentration


    • The Dead Sea salt concentration averages 35 percent. It is thus advisable not to stay in the water for a long, or else, it would cause unhealthy fluctuation in blood pressure among other unexpected outcomes such as skin rashes.


    • Moreover, a lot of salt intake has never been healthy, even in food portions. It is a rule that equally applies to those who use salts to prepare bath water at home.  An amount that exceeds what dermatologist advice would amount to undesirable conditions, which may include skin rushes contrary to expectations.


    SPA Tips for your bath water


    Spas are not ordinary places. I mean the high ended ones you will want to visit every week for a massage therapy. 

    Along the Dead Sea, are hotels that provide Spa services, and it is because they understand that after spending a few minutes in the highly alkaline water, it is always about time one experiences further skincare treatment.

    The salts scrubs in these places do not only improve skin tone, but also improves blood circulation.

    Therefore, when it comes to having a SPA experience at home, the following tips should come in handy when mixing bath water with salts:


    ·        Finely Grounded salt is better

    You should not use a lot of salt when making a mixture of salt bath.  It is why, experts caution against using large crystals lumps of sea salt because higher quantity of ions and minerals in a single bath will only result into skin problems such as irritation and rashes.  Finer particles dissolve faster in warm bath, and it is why they qualify as the best for home SPA treatment.  


    ·        Standard Average: 200-500 grams/ 200 liters

    Without reading product labels, one is always likely to make costly mistakes of overusing or misusing bath salts.  An average of 200 to 500 grams of salt for every 200 liters of bath water is ideal. Overuse will likely result into flaking and dryness of the skin.


    ·        Amount varies with the type of salt

    Depending on the type, i.e. Epsom sea salt or Himalayan pink gold, the quantity required for a given volume of bath water varies.  It is because components vary, with Himalayan rich in iron compared to the others, you will only need a few pinches when preparing a stress relieving or nerve calming bath.


    Can Sea Salt Help You Lose Weight? 5 Myths People Do Not Know


    Weight loss can be a real struggle, especially if one doesn’t set his or her goals right.  So, before you can embark on a regimen, one must ask important questions such as the following:

    • What is the best formula for shedding fats? Getting things right from the onset would save you from unfortunate eventualities such as shedding off more baggage in some areas than others, thereby leaving one with a shape not so pleasing. Thus, it is important to involve a professional instructor to help with designing the best approach.


    • What is the best time to undertake on weight loss routine? Well, most people who want to shed off extra kilos hit the gym either early in the morning or late in the evening. Some do both. However, it is imperative that one adheres to the right dose of exercising because a lot of it might be a cause for more weight problems and physique complications.


    • What should I eat? This is another question people keep asking.  The catch here is that if one is not on a diet that fits well into a weight loss regimen, efforts geared towards shedding off fats would end up bearing little or no fruits. From Paleo diet, South Beach diet to Ketosis diet, one must pick on the right feeding routine, and of course with the help of an expert.


    • Can sea salt help me regain my shape and optimal weight? The truth is, many things have been said about natural salts and especially their healing properties but, the buzz on how they can boost one’s chances of losing weight remain debatable.


    Sea salt weight loss


    Sea salt weight loss


    The Dead Sea and other lakes with high salt and mineral concentration are still at the center of skincare efforts. This post demystifies five myths about sea salt and weight loss.

    It is to help you avoid making unfounded assumptions or costly mistakes when seeking natural therapy for your skin. Take a look:

    ·        The drain effect

    While sea salts such as those found in the Dead Sea do not contribute to weight loss directly, their drain effect of improving blood circulation and removing body toxins help achieve the overall objective.

    ·        Salt scrub help weight loss

    People seek massage sessions in SPAs for relaxation.  It is a special kind of exercise that doesn’t drain your energy but which will be immensely helpful towards your weight loss efforts. However, it would be a misconception to assume using salts in bath water will help you shed weight.

    ·        Salts burn fats

    This is another myth that people have believed all these years.  The fact that salt treatment of wounds produces a burning sensation doesn’t mean it will help you lose weight. A face scrub only removes sebum deposits in hair follicles, but not fat deposits underneath the skin.

    ·        Sodium aerates the skin for weight loss

    It is a fallacious to say use of sodium to scrub the skin dead cells for aeration ultimately leads to weight loss. The truth is; it only treats scars, open up clogged pores and improves blood circulation for an even tone on your skin.

    In summary, there are exceptions when it comes to using bath salts. People with gynecological disorders, pregnant women, those suffering from heart related complications should consult a dermatologist beforehand to avoid running into contraindications.


    Can You Eat The Salt From The Dead Sea? Why it is Not Healthy?


    dead sea salt benefits


    Given the many inspiring stories that those who have been to the Dead Sea bring home regarding their exhilarating experiences, one would want to plan a visit to the magical waters as soon as this month.

    It is because you will not only enjoy high buoyancy that is not possible in any other waters in the world, but also a soothing and tender feel on one’s skin is worth the experience.

    Ostensibly, the Dead Sea is miraculously healing.  Skin conditions like Psoriasis will be gone even before you know it.  

    For someone who has been using skincare products originating from this part of the world, nothing is ever a stretch of the truth.  Everything you hear about top quality products containing natural salts and healing mineral compounds is true.

    Well, some of the most common cosmetics enriched with Dead Sea Mineral and salts include but not limited to the following:

    • Men care products such as Shampoos, anti-aging formulas and moisturizers


    • CSE Complex enriched products such as Jojoba Oils and Canaan Skin care products.


    • Anti-aging products like Queen Odelia Prickly pear body gel.


    • Bath soaps and Dead Sea Mud.


    • Hair shampoos.


    • Argan Body Oils.

    Dead Sea Salts


    One of the many reasons why people soak themselves in the Dead Sea water is because the highly alkaline solution provides an immediate healing effect on one’s skin.

    However, for an effective skin therapy, doctors in this part of the world advise a longer stay for about two weeks or a month if one is to realize full recovery from psoriasis and other conditions.

    The big question which this post will answer is whether it is it healthy to consume salt from the Dead Sea because many are probably wondering whether their stomachs will churn after eating a few granules of sea salt.

    Well, before explaining why it may not be safe after all, it is important to first of all note that Epsom or table salt is finely ground before packaging for dinning or cooking. Manufacturers extract a number of minerals to make it safe for human consumption.

    The following are reasons why it is not healthy to eat salt from the sea:


    ·        High salt concentration not good for the heart, kidney and other organs


    Heart complications vary. You must already know that people who suffer from high blood pressure are discouraged from using table salt, at least not in meals. Sea salt is not only bad for them but also not suitable for everyone else.

    The high salt and mineral content may result into highly hypertonic body fluids, something which is likely to trigger high blood pressure. In worse scenarios, stroke may occur and coronary complications which may lead to heart failure are also possibility.


    ·        Not suitable for direct consumption


    While you may occasionally take a gulp of seawater, which is high in mineral salt concentration, directly using sea salt as food addictive is not tenable. 

    It has to undergo processing during which removal of harmful substances takes place before packaging and branded fit for human consumption.


    Skin Care Treatment- Can You Use Bath Salts As A Scrub?

    Skin Care Treatment


    Grabbing a shower every day in the morning or evening, applying cosmetics on your body, walking into a Spa to seeking the services of a dermatologist, everyone wants to look good and attractive.

    You want to stick to a skincare regimen because by it, one gets energetic for a bright day, not to mention a feeling of freshness that uplifts the soul and spirit.

    But here is the catch. Are bath salts ideal for skin scrub, and why? Well, as more products make their way into the market, one may want to try them out, but whether it is advisable to use them or not, and for what purpose, remains debatable.

    Moreover, most people will tell you it is never a bad idea to buy a newly released cosmetic, but the question is, do you have a clear understanding of the following?

    • Do you have sufficient knowledge regarding new skincare products in the market such as bath salts or other therapeutic cosmetics? Well, before coming up with a conclusive answer, it is imperative to investigate a product for essential components such as glycerin, Vitamin C, and mineral salts.


    • The next issue is to do with product-skin compatibility. Stories of people buying any cosmetic thinking it would add to their efforts of skincare only to end up with worse conditions such as rushes are everywhere.  It is important to seek the services of skincare professional such as a dermatologist in case you have problems with choosing the right one.


    • Even salt scrubs may contain alarming ingredients, in which case, it is important to be on the lookout for elements such as mercury and bleaching agents before settling on an ideal skincare product.

    What is a salt scrub?


    salt scrub


    Having a Spa experience at home is now possible. It is a practice that has been thriving for many years, stemming from an adage old idea of swimming in the Dead Sea. Today, millions still link the Sea with skin integrity.

    It cures undesirable skin conditions, enhances one’s appearance and improves skin texture.

    Now, more than ever, bath salts from the sea are becoming popular in making salt scrubs, not only because they are natural exfoliates but also because they improve skin aeration.

    The following are more reasons why bath salts make great scrubs for shower time:


    ·        Improves blood circulation

    Constriction of muscles and tightening of the skin layers are conditions that hinder optimal blood circulation.

    However, when you make use of salt scrubs before or during shower time, Dead Sea salt elements such as bromide, calcium, chloride and Magnesium will combine to bring a soothing and relaxed feeling on your skin.


    ·        Detoxifies

    There has never been a better way of skin detoxification than using natural salts scrubs. It is because doing so will not only restore P.H balance, but also clear skin pore from sebum for healthy growing hair follicles.


    ·        Energizer and cure for skin conditions

    A visit to a Dead Sea is all you need to regain skin vitality.  It is to say, a relaxing foot scrub goes a long way in helping strengthen bones, improve skin’s immunity to diseases and appearance.  

    Because blocked pores can be a cause for dry skin, salt scrubs boost moisture absorption.   Finally, using salt scrubs will re-energize you after a long and tiresome day.


    What Do The Bath Salts Do To You? Do They Cure Pain?


    Bath Salts


    A relaxing bath after a long and tiring day shouldn’t be ordinary.  When you include bath salts in bath water, the resulting effect is something you would want to feel over and again.  

    In this post, get ready to discover the true value of bath salts, and especially their therapeutic value in pain treatment. But, before going into the details, here is a look at the basics.


    What are bath salts?

    They are crystalline natural substances extracted from nature. You can find them in Spas or from a nearby cosmetic shop.

    It is also noteworthy that they come in different rainbow color ranges. Those who seek a soothing bath every day are advised to go for the warm colors such as orange, pink or yellow.  It is because a different color brings about a unique feeling. You can choose from variants such as the following:

    • Epsom bath salts.
    • Seas salts such as those from the Dead Sea.
    • Himalayan bath salts, alias, Pink Gold salts mined from old sea beds at the foot of Himalayas Mountains.


    How do you choose the best salts for your bath?


    You wouldn’t settle on any substance labeled as bath salt and expect the best. The cosmetic market is never free from counterfeit products.  That shouldn’t get you worried though. The following are tips for selecting the right one:

    • Go for fine-grain crystals because they dissolve faster in warm bath water. Avoid lumpy crystals.


    • While product packages can be misleading, especially when they constitute beautiful colors, buying your bath salts from original Dead Sea supplies, distributors or shops will never disappoint.


    • Do not forget to check mineral content of bath salts.  Notably, it varies from Epson, Himalayan to Dead Sea variants, albeit, albeit, components like magnesium is found in all of them.


    •  Know your skin type because components in bath salts are suited to dry, flaky, oily or normal skin.


    • Always buy natural salts because they do not contain harmful substances.


    • Choose from a range of scents. Lavender, vanilla, vinegar, lemon and others.


    Relieving pain with Bath salts

    Studies have shown indisputable facts about bath salts; include their pain-relieving potency. Now, look below to learn how that is possible.


    ·        Cure Muscle Pains and Cramps with a relaxing bath


    Components of bath salts such as magnesium, oxygen, sulfur help with curing pain in muscles and cramps when added to bath water. If you are sensitive to sulfur, it is advisable that one carefully reads product labels before using a bath salt with such a component.


    ·        Salt scrub for joint pain relief


    While a relaxing massage using salt scrub will improve blood circulation on the skin surface, a gentle scrub is a therapeutic and greatly relieving from occasional joint pains.


    ·        Relief from pains caused by high pressure


    High blood pressure can be a cause of headaches and pain in the muscles. However, when you opt for a salt bath as a means of cure, it resets your Body balance, including blood pressure top optimal.


    ·        Relieves pain associated with stress


    Ending your day with a warm salt bath is a sure way to steering clear of stress. Headaches that are common symptoms of stress, including muscle and joint pains will be outdated, thanks to ions bath salts. Bromide calms the nervous system.

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