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Dead Sea Cosmetics Products From Israel

Cosmetic line cosmetic products Dead Sea Cosmetics Distributor opportunity Distributors marketing channels What is Distribution

A distribution channel refers to the chain of individuals and/or organization that get involved in the entire process of getting a product or service from the producer or manufacturer to the ultimate consumer or buyer. These channels are also popularly known as marketing channels or marketing distribution channels.

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In reference to this, the individuals and organizations involved.

A distributor would therefore be defined as an intermediary entity between the producer of a product and another entity in the supply chain and could be a wholesaler, retailer among others.he distribution process are known as intermediaries.

The distribution channels are categorized according to the number of intermediaries between the producer and the end consumer. Usually a  direct marketing channel, which has no intermediaries between the producer and the consumer, is known as a level zero channel while one that has a single intermediary, typically a retailer, is known as a level one channel.

Distributor opportunity

Business opportunity with cosmetic products.

Cosmetics products usually refer to those products that are used and/or applied onto the human body for preparing the appearance without necessarily affecting the body's structure or functions. These are the kinds of products we intend to distribute wide variety of products and this list includes, mascara, lipsticks, face powder, concealer, foundation, rouge brush, primers, lip liners, eyeliners, nail polish to name but a few.

Cosmetic line 

The cosmetic line is popular with consumers but since that is not enough we want to ensure that our products easily reach even a larger number of consumers.

At a minimum, our distributors will need to handle payments and procurement's. You may be needed also to frequently take a more proactive approach in educating retailers about new products, through such activities as pre-sales training, road shows, and demos will be done on our behalf.

You may also be needed to provide services around the procurement process, such as contract negotiation, marketing for resellers and warranties. Although the specific entities and order involved can vary, the supply chain or distribution channel involving a distributor is generally: vendor to distributor, distributor to reseller or SI, reseller or SI to end customer.

All our products are very light in weight to ensure easy transportation. The ranges we have in store caters to all skin types.


We are therefore looking for individuals who love cosmetics and enjoy showing other people how to use them to join us and be able to earn an income as a cosmetics distributor.

The cost of starting a business can be excruciatingly high so coming in as a distributor can only help you take charge of your business with the help of manufacturers or producers.

Distributors who are motivated can earn a sizable income in the cosmetics industry.

Private label for business

Business need products line to build their brand. This is their business to make their own name and build an asset. All starts with idea and good manufacturer who know what to do.




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