Dead Sea Minerals Cosmetics Love You

Dead Sea Minerals Cosmetics Love You

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Dead Sea Minerals Cosmetics 


Dead Sea minerals cosmetics love you and want you to be the beautiful person that you are. Dead Sea cosmetics is one of the most natural sources you can get out there. All these help in making your skin healthy and beautiful. What specific products can you find that are made from Dead Sea minerals?

  • Canaan hand cream – The hand cream made from Dead Sea minerals is a formula that is nourishing and rich in elements that helps give the skin additional protection from harmful elements that we naturally get exposed to on a daily basis. It also reduces roughness and reduces the skin’s risk of irritation from the environment. The formula contains vitamin C and CSE Complex which are easily absorbed by the skin and make your hands smooth on the first try. Use the hand cream as much as needed especially after taking a bath and before bedtime.


  • Canaan foot cream – The Dead Sea minerals cosmetics love you and want you to have the best taken care of feet with its foot cream product. The foot cream functions to exfoliate calluses and dry skin. It keeps your skin smooth and rejuvenate your feet which are always subjected to activity on a daily basis. The cream has CSE Complex, natural oils, as well as pits from peaches which, combined, give it that moisturizing quality. The foot cream should be used every day before bedtime. Simply massage the cream on your feet, rinse, then apply a softening foot cream for additional moisture.


  • Canaan soap – contain 21 minerals from the Dead Sea and the CSE Complex formula. The soap contains natural cleansers that are gentle to the skin with a balanced PH. In addition to cleaning it also refreshes the metabolism of the skin and has a firming effect to the face and body. As a result, the skin will feel soft, firm, and smooth. Use the product on every bath and apply an oil based body cream for additional nutrition.


  • Canaan Mud Mask – Dead Sea minerals cosmetics love you and want you to have a healthy and protected skin with their mud mask. It contains mud taken from the Dead Sea as well as 21 minerals that are essential for a healthy skin. Additionally, it has the CSE Complex formula. After use of the mud mask, the skin will feel younger and smoother. To use the product, apply generously throughout the body and let stand for about 8 to 15 minutes. Then, use warm water to rinse and apply an oil based body cream for additional nourishment.  It should be noted that the mud mask should not be used on bruises or infected skin as it might cause unwanted irritation.


  • Canaan Body Cream – The body cream of Dead Sea minerals cosmetics, like all other products, contains the CSE Complex formula. This allows the user to have invigorated skin. Dead Sea minerals cosmetics love you and want you so the skin is also cleansed well and is maintained with a balanced PH.


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