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Canaan Dead Sea SPA Minerals & Herbs

The Attributes of Salt and Mud Extracted from the Depths and Rare Waters of the Dead Sea For SPA Treatment:

What makes the minerals from the Dead Sea so vital to routine beauty treatments?

The minerals are chemical elements found in the earth, which play a key role in all the systems of the human body: building bone, teeth, skin and hair that are essential for the ongoing, healthy functioning of the body.

The human body cannot produce these minerals on its own, and therefore must supplement them with foods, vitamins and various additives such as those offered in the "Canaan" line of cosmetics.

The mud and natural salts found at the basin of the Dead Sea depths are rich in minerals such as sulfur, sodium, magnesium, calcium, zinc, iron, potassium, and work wonders on facial skin.

Those minerals are essential for adults, whose skin metabolism has depleted due to the diminished of body minerals and waning renewal of cells over time. Therefore, the body needs to supplement them with external reinforcements.

CSE Complex™ especially for Home SPA

Man and woman knew the healing powers of plants since time immemorial.
Up until 60 years ago, the source of almost all medicines recorded in medical books is from plants. There are medicines, which are synthetically manufactured in the laboratory, which imitate the chemical structure of these natural medicines.

The "Canaan" Series has researched and found three medicinal plants, which are particularly effective in the treatment of skin: Hypericum Perforatum, Althea Officinalis and Plantago Lanceolata.