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Embrace Every Moment: How to Make the Most of Your One Life to Live

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We have one life to live, embrace every moment and live them well! A beautiful quote from an equally beautiful film sums it all up - “Life is like a box full of Chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get” – by Tom Hanks, from the film Forrest Gump. How true is it for anybody’s life no matter which part of globe they live in. This fact of life is true to its each word. But then there’s another fact of life that is inevitable – We have just one life to live and it must be lived to the fullest.  Life is what we make of it; this is the reason why it’s so important to live life completely with each new day. Its us and only us who can change what needs to be changed and can create a new meaning out of the change.

There’s a simple procedure that one needs to follow in order to live their lives to the fullest. The few important steps are listed below:

Live in the Moment 


Live in the Moment


A constant worry about what’s in store for us in the future are a waste of time and is only going to land us up into further trouble and stress. There’s no point in worrying about tomorrow because while attempting to do so we end up not living the present day in contentment. And once a day is gone its gone forever we can’t bring it back no matter what we do. This is the reason why we must ensure in living the present moment fully.

Forgive but don’t Forget

We all make mistakes it is almost as if an attribute of human nature and we must accept this fact. People make mistakes and in return sometimes knowingly or unknowingly hurt someone. And it’s our responsibility to forgive but don’t forget the mistake altogether. Because each and every mistake has a lesson of life to be learnt behind it this and needs to be figured out by us alone.

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    One needs to maintain a perfect balance in life and gain control over our senses with patience. Patience is an integral aspect of our life, without this quality any human is as good as an animal can be. With patience we learn to gain spirituality and stillness within us and this kind of practice leads to a much happier self. Patience is also the most difficult quality to possess.


    Every place has a story to tell and a happiness to share. Traveling makes anybody wiser and a lot content within themselves. Traveling, exploring and discovering new places can provide one with leaps and bounds of happiness which is incomparable with any other source of happiness. It also provides the traveler with the time and space to re-think their lives with a brand new perspective altogether.

    Relaxing for inner balance music that help

    Change is Inevitable 

    Accepting change is the biggest of battle won of life. Nothing and nobody remains the same, people change, places change and this is an ultimate fact of life. And the minute one has realized this and moved on with life they have lived their life to the fullest. And as we have just one life to live why not accept the change and live them well.

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