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I believe I can fly

Become Great I believe I can fly The law of attraction yoga for weight loss

I Believe I Can Fly. Become Great and Live Full Valuable & Prosper Life

Life is not static, so is the world and people’s worldview. Sometimes you think you are suspended in the universe, and other times, people consider themselves the architects of all everything that happens. At least that’s what the mind, body, and soul tells you.  

But here is the catch. Do the body, mind, and soul equally play a part in making you believe in flying without wings?

In this post, we explore a journey to greatness and most importantly, what it would take to conquer destiny.  Read on and find out.

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What is your approach to life?


Approach to life


There are those who believe success is all about material wealth and so, every day is all about relentless hard work.

Then there is a group of people who hold the opinion that a happy life is best realized from a moral angle.

For instance, it is doing well to others, showing empathy, and a belief that when one gives, he or she receives even more in return; something which elicits religious undertones.

The common goal is to lead a happy life by conquering your destiny.

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Has material world changed your worldview about success and destiny?


Changed your destiny


The world, as is today, is all about competition for material gains. People are trying to outdo one another everywhere.

Maybe you would want to call it a race for greatness. These subject the body, mind and soul to untamed pressures, causing imbalances in being, some of which are very hard to navigate.

A phrase like, ‘what you think you become’ has suddenly become meaningless and overshadowed by spectrum of things that are at best, a creation of human imagination.

The gut or natural instinct now takes a backseat in daily affairs. What is even bewildering in all these is that Artificial intelligence is set to overshadow nature.

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‘I Believe I can fly,’ By R. Kelly: A story of a song tied to the soul and quest for greatness.


I Believe I can fly


The law of attraction has a strong link with the soul. It is the power to believe, conceive and achieve. And R. Kelly’s song, ‘I believe I can fly’ attached to this post meanings echoes deeper success in the face of unbelief.

In his admission during an interview, R Kelly says he dreamed about the song during a difficult time in his life. He then woke up and went straight to the Piano to try out a few cords before fine tuning the lyrics later.

At the time, he had issues with his voice and medical diagnosis revealed he was suffering from an abscess, as a result of which surgery to remove them was inevitable. Despite all these challenges, the song remains one of the most soul-touching and deeply emotional in every measure.

The mind-body-Soul Axis


mind -body -Soul

The law of attraction has become a means to positive change in the lives of millions of people around the globe.

With scientific proof coming hot at the heels of these findings, it is even more appalling how robust an inner self can be.

The power to conquer destiny is deep within you, and once unleashed, the potential is manifest.  It is when the impossible become possible.

It states that people exist as magnets at the center of a universe that is rife with extreme possibilities and opportunities.  

To reach greatness, it is you to attract these things into your life. You have to cultivate positive in mind, and start with a simple process of imagination to reality.  

As Albert Einstein once put it;

“The sign of intelligence is knowledge but imagination.”

Destiny: How do you reach it?


How do you reach your Destiny


People say they can conquer their destinies. However, there are varied opinions when it comes to this notion. Some think is a skewed perspective.

To put it clearly, it is not an event or a price you should claim. It is a destination.

Some processes come with it, most of which one cannot control. It is submitting to fate, reality, and direction as dictated by nature while remaining loyal and dedicated to your life’s objectives.

Destiny is more of a spiritual obligation, and it has a strong tie with the human soul. You must thus cultivate a strong mental ability and willingness to realize it.

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