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Free shipping for orders over $49.00

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Premium Private Label Dead Sea Hand Sanitizer: A Fusion of Luxury and Hygiene

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Hand sanitizer (Alcogel) 70% alcohol is the most popular product for disinfectant  needs like your hands, surfaces at home, work place and any where you go.

In the times of epidemic the worldwide consumption is growing fast and there is a huge demand for sanitizer gel in many forms for health properties.

Worldwide manufacturers need to work under ministry of health regulations, tests, ISO and GMP quality control.

Before you deiced  who to work with for your private label hand sanitizer gel form, check your market.

  • What hand sanitizer gel do you need for your customers?
  • What will be the packaging of your product?
  • How will you market the product?
  • Which market  do you refer to, low, medium, prestige.
  • What price will be competitive for your country market?
  • What certificates will you need for your country customs?


Let's answer and find the way for the hand sanitizer for your market:

  • If you know your market, easy to deiced if we need regular hand sanitizer gel, sanitizer gel with minerals, sanitizer gel with health properties for dry skin.
  • Packaging make our product visual for the user: Try to be unique with different bottle or unique sticker. The packaging can be 40-100 ml bottle, bulks and even 70% Alcogel in colors packed in gallon.
  • Your marketing: Is it direct, sells team, stores and chains.
  • When you apply to manufacturer you need to know the price you can pay according to your place in the market. 
  • Every country customs ask for certificates according to your country regulations. Important to check from advance.


Dead Sea Minerals Cosmetics private label hand sanitizer worldwide manufacturers work with many countries like: USA, Israel, UK, Asia, South Africa, India.

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