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Hidden Treasures Beneath the Surface: The Astonishing Gifts of Salt Lakes

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The Dead Sea or the Salt Sea is not only famous for being one of the World’s saltiest water bodies but also the various uses to which the minerals in its waters are being put to use.

From balms for the mummification of Egyptians and potash for fertilizers, this 35% mineral contained water is being put to use highly in cosmetics too.

How did it all start?

Women who toured the Dead Sea used to scoop mud to make packs, scrubs and various other cosmetics which have minerals as their constituents and take it home.

This sparked an idea with a Spa technician who goes by the name Ziva Gilad. He came up with the concept of marketing products and cosmetics that were made with the Dead Sea mud.

In Ancient times, the Dead Sea was considered to have curative properties. According to ancient legends, the Queen of Sheba believed the lake to have mystic healing powers. Cleopatra went on to build the world’s first spa in the very place.

What kinds of products are made from the Dead Sea?

The products that are made from the Dead Sea include body creams and face creams that are rich in mineral contents, soaps, cosmetics, bath salts and rich black mud masks.

These products are intended to be used for aromatic bathing indulgences, anti-aging treatments and care, moisture balancing and also in caring for the overall health of the skin.

Some products are used in curing and augmenting treatments for certain ailments. The intense skin disorders like psoriasis and infections creams, mud packs for arthritis and pain relief, tan removal, skin tone improvement and skin polishing creams are made available.

Lack of research

The scientists have not gone to research the products in a long term manner. It has been observed that products made from the mud of the Dead Sea tends to have better effects than similar products made with mud from other regions. This is attributed to the high rate of mineral content in the water.

According to the statistics, in a liter of water from the Dead Sea, 35 per cent of it is minerals. With such high content, the salts can cause irritation in the bare skin.

What started out as a small venture to bottle the sand in small packets and sell it at stores, has become so widespread that it is being sold on the Internet.

Environmentalists are concerned with the depletion in the water levels of the lake as they are being used to make cosmetics and spa baths.

The source for Online Dead Sea cosmetics is much like acquiring water and mud from water bodies except for the fact that it costs a bit more. The mud and water are acquired to promote the spas and products being sold. These are being paid for with tax and other duties.

Thus the Dead Sea has provided a way of sustenance and growth and proved that it is not so dead after all. It is the very core online Dead Sea cosmetics source.

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