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The Hidden Mystery Behind The Dead Sea

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The Dead Sea is a concentrate saline lake bordering Jordan to the east and Israel to the west. This sea has unique features explaining the millions of people visiting it as a vacation destination.

Here are the some of the things you didn't know about this great lake;

The Dead Sea is one of the most saline seas on earth This sea has an approximate of 45000 tons of salt.

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The salt has a very high concentration of about 34%. However, other water bodies are relatively more saline like the Antarctic's Lake Vanda, Caspian Sea, and Lake Sea.

34% is such a great amount of saltiness that still ranks it high on the list of most salty water bodies The Sea cannot Support life Because of the high salt concentration in this sea, it cannot support life; this is why this sea has been referred as the Dead Sea.

It is worth noting however that during high rainy seasons, the salt is neutralized, and this sea can be a habitat for particular kinds of bacteria.

The Dead Sea has evident biblical ties The Bible gives information closely linking Jesus Christ and John the Baptist to the Dead Sea.

In fact, a prophecy is given in the Bible that this sea will at one time in the future regain life and be able to sustain life. King David is said to use this place as a hideout.

Herod the great declared this sea the first health resort. Minerals found in the Dead Sea are used to cure skin conditions This sea salt and mud are made of natural minerals that are normally found in human body.

These minerals such as magnesium, calcium bromide, sodium, zinc, boron among others treat all kinds of diseases such as arthritis, fibromyalgia, and even Crohn's disease.

These minerals and to be specific Zink and potassium treats acne You cannot sink in the Dead Sea Because of the high salinity of this sea, people who have visited this sea claim that you can only drown in this sea, but you can never sink, when you venture into the waters, you are kept floating.

The Dead Sea salts used in cosmetic manufacture The minerals found in the Dead Sea salt are great skin rejuvenates with powerful moisturizing effects.

Most cosmetic manufacturing companies have taken advantage of this to manufacture good and effective skin care products.

An example of such companies is the Dead Sea cosmetic shop that has a variety of products made from these salts and plant extracts found in the Dead Sea region.

The Dead Sea is much saltier compared to oceans This sea is believed to be approximately 8.6 times saltier than the normal ocean waters. This high salt concentration has made it impossible to host life such as fish and aquatic plants.

It hosts bacteria and microbial fungi during the rainy season when the saltiness is reduced. Dead Sea Spits Asphalt continuously The Greek name of this sea is Lake Asphaltites.

This is because of the Asphalt that was imported from this sea to be used for mummification in Egypt. Now you know the great wonders of this Sea.


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