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What Is Dead Sea Scrolls?

city of Jerusalem Dead Sea Minerals Dead Sea scrolls What is Dead Sea scrolls? what is special about dead sea?

The Dead Sea cosmetics are well known for the miracles they can make for the skin. Everyone has heard of them and some of us even enjoy the benefits of the Dead Sea cosmetics.

On the other hand, the Dead Sea Scrolls are less known and sometimes surrounded with controversy. What is the connection between the Dead Sea scrolls and the Dead Sea cosmetics?


what is special about dead sea?


Dead Sea scrolls, manuscripts part of Israeli history.

To make the connection between the Dead Sea scrolls and the Dead Sea cosmetics, we should clarify what each of this represents the Dead Sea scrolls are part of the ancient history of Israel, as they are also hosted by the Israeli Museum.  

The Dead Sea scrolls are manuscripts containing both biblical and non-biblical information.

The question remains: is there any part of the Dead Sea Scrolls that mentions also the Dead Sea cosmetics? 

Dead Sea scrolls, parchments confirming the Bible, not cosmetics.

The Dead Sea scrolls were found in eleven caves located on the shores of the Dead Sea between 1947 and 1956.

The Dead Sea scrolls are of great significance as they have largely influenced the city of Jerusalem and not only that.

Many of the writings in the Dead Sea scrolls are in Hebrew, Greek or Aramaic summing up to a total of 825-870 scrolls.

A great part of the Old Testament has found its support in these Dead Sea Scrolls and even evidences that are not found explicitly found in the Bible, such as the prophecies of Daniel, are mentioned in the Dead Sea scrolls.

From this point of view, you can realize how essential for the history of Israel the Dead Sea scrolls are, just like the cosmetics are for us all.  

Obviously, the biblical part does not make reference to cosmetics.



Dead Sea scrolls, a picture of the society


The non-biblical part of the Dead Sea scrolls includes references that try to create a picture of how society operated in those days.

The Dead Sea scrolls mention the laws, writings on wisdom and the general rules of the community.  

Dead Sea scrolls are proofs of the culture in the Old Testament and of how everything worked back then.

This also means that cosmetics were also part of the culture described in the scrolls.

That’s our first connection between the scrolls and the cosmetics.

The Dead Sea cosmetics, known since ancient times, not in the Dead Sea Scrolls.

Dead Sea cosmetics were used back then. However, the cosmetics hadn’t earned their reputation that they have today, not being frequently mentioned in the Dead Sea scrolls.

Think about the fact that the first historical personality to be known to officially have used the Dead Sea cosmetics is Cleopatra.

It was after the happenings in the Old Testament, so cosmetics came after the Dead Sea scrolls. Back then, the benefits of the Dead Sea cosmetics even if not scientifically proven or even backed up by the usage of the personalities of that time were probably known.

Women have always loved cosmetics so the locals must have used the cosmetics.

The most popular forms of the Dead Sea cosmetics, the salt and the mud, have been used since ancient times. That’s the power of ancient cosmetics.


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The Dead Sea cosmetics and the Dead Sea scrolls, two landmarks of history

The Dead Sea cosmetics have gained popularity in time until the age of Cleopatra, thus proving to us that the great effects of the minerals in the cosmetics were still known even if they might have started only as local legends.

The Dead Sea cosmetics became popular in time, having a reputation of thousands of years.

The Dead Sea cosmetics haven’t failed to do their job in making women beautiful and keeping them young.

This is how scrolls and cosmetics have impacted history.


The article deals with the history behind the Dead Sea scrolls and the connection between those and the Dead Sea cosmetics.

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