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Where To Stay At Dead Sea Israel And Where At Dead Sea Jordan?

Dead Sea Israel dead sea israel hotels Dead Sea Jordan Herods Dead Sea Kempinski Hotel Ishtar Dead Sea in Israel Movenpick Resort and Spa Oasis hotel in Ein Bokek Russian Pilgrim Residence

Planet Earth is a home to some of the most breathtaking destinations, and every summer, a visit to world’s most sought-after wonderlands is everyone should factor into their holiday budgets.

It is a New Year, and there is no doubt, thousands of travelers and globetrotters are already working out their next trip routes. So, assuming you are one of them, wouldn’t it be a good idea to visit the Dead Sea, at least once in your lifetime?


Dead Sea hotels in israel

Why is everyone visiting the Dead Sea?

Well, it would not only be something worth taking down the memory lane but also a breathtaking experience you would always be looking forward to having at every turn of a new year.

Without stretching the truth, the Dead Sea is one of the most visited places in the world, not just because it is earth’s deepest point stretching far below to -400 metres below the sea level, but it is also a home to the world’s saltiest lake.

Come to think about it. Being able to extract as many as 26 mineral salts from same sea is amazing, right. Well, the Dead Sea has all of that, and it would interest you to note that about 10 of these are unique to this part of the world alone.  

However, it is not just this overwhelming and perfect balance of salt and mineral composition that makes a visit here worth the taking.

For many centuries now, people who have been trooping to Israel or Jordan have been doing so to experience the healing properties of earth’s saltiest waters.



Where to stay: Jordan and Israel

·        Kempinski Hotel Ishtar Dead Sea

A visit to the Dead Sea isn’t going to a city, but a place that hosts many resorts and hotels. Kempinski Hotel Ishtar Dead Sea in Israel is not only a massive accommodation place with superior room fittings but also hosts penthouses, spas, villages and restaurants. In a nutshell, it is a sanctuary of excellence and luxury giving you unmatched view of the saltiest lake in the work.

·        Oasis Dead Sea Hotel

Featuring unique Moroccan antique, Oasis hotel in Ein Bokek is one of the most booked, thanks to its luxurious yet affordable in-stay facilities.

There is a wellness center, outdoor/indoor swimming pools, parking space, sauna, table tennis, free Wi-Fi among other amenities.  You also get to enjoy delicious meals here and a spa experience with warm sea water.

·        Herods Dead Sea

Enjoy a luxurious spa experience at this 5-star hotel as you while away your stay at Herods Dead Sea which is located at Edom Mountains. There is a Turkish bath and sulfur pool, free parking, free Wi-Fi, solarium, a wellness center and more.

·        Russian Pilgrim Residence

Located at Baptist site Sowayma along River Jordan, Russian Pilgrim Residence is one of the coolest places in which to stay during a visit to the Dead Sea.  There are private kitchens, furnished apartments, a shopping arcade, Free Wi-Fi, airport shuttle and all the amenities you would wish to enjoy at a five star hotel.

·        Movenpick Resort and Spa Dead Sea

If you are planning a visit to the Dead Sea on the side of Jordan, Movenpick Resort and Spa is a place where you will a 5-star experience during your stay.  From luxury to private access to the sea on the north, beautiful memories are made here.

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