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Beyond the Surface: 10 Intriguing Facts About the Mysterious Dead Sea

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If you had always been enchanted by mysterious places on Earth then Dead by far is one of the greatest ones. There are many enigmas attached with the Sea, its locations and its history. So, what exactly is so magical about the Dead Sea?

The location

It is known to be the lowest spot on Earth situated approximately 1300 meter below the level of sea. It is positioned between Jordan and Israel. The sea is pumped up by Jordan River in the northern side and fed by springs and streams from the east and west.

Salty Water

The water of Dead Sea is known for its high saline content found anywhere else on earth. It is rich in salts of magnesium, sodium and potassium along with many industrially used ones. Since the content of salt is high- and tends to increase the deeper in the sea you go -no human or marine life can survive in this water.


The climate surrounding the Dead Sea area is distinctive. The weather tends to vary in winter and summers far differently than it does in the neighboring areas of Jordan and Israel.


Mineral benefits

The minerals in Dead Sea water have nutrients that are hard to find anywhere else. They make the skin look younger so much so that there are tales of Cleopatra attached to this region, that she has formed cosmetic hubs in this to benefit out of this water.


Having high content of iodine, this facilitates the proper functioning of the thyroid gland in the body. Hence, iodine can be added to the daily diet in order to resurrect its levels for proper functioning of the body.


Body Relief

Simply having a bath or soaking in this water relaxes the body. A good majority of muscle and bone treatments include a hot bath with added mineral and salts for their therapeutic traits. This is because absorption of essential salts and minerals is essential in order to facilitate the healing of muscle tissue and bones.

Dead Sea’s mud curbs ageing process

The soil has the necessary minerals that work as perfect substitutes for the lost minerals from the skin as a result of dirt and stress. With increased collagen production, the skin can attain its lost radiance and youth.



It can be affirmed with 100 percent guarantee that the use of Dead Sea mud or the water itself is safe to the last degree. This is valid for all skin types and problems that its use is secure with virtually no side effects.


The sun

Sunlight in the area surrounding the Dead Sea is a novelty itself. It is the one governing factor that makes the entire mineral salt efficacy possible with no detrimental effects on the body.

Hotspot and tourists attraction

The Dead Sea is able to offer some of the best tourists’ hotels and resorts in Israel. It’s proximity with the city of Jerusalem makes it an even greater a place as a vacation spot.


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