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5 Recommended Dead Sea Treatment For Psoriasis

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More than 7 million Americans suffer from psoriasis, a skin condition that needs quick medical attention. While for some, skin ailments like this are best treated using herbs, you should note that extreme cases will always require special attention from a skin expert.

Whether you choose to seek services of a dermatologist or a medical professional who understands skin conditions, the most important thing is healing.

Thus, before we look into recommended Dead Sea treatments for psoriasis, you probably want to ask, what is it?

How does one know he or she has this undesirable skin disease? Well, psoriasis is manifests as inflammation of skin cells, which can occur as red patches or scales forming on the body’s largest organ.

Once you become a victim, psoriasis quickly spreads to other body parts. Talk about white-silvery scales that sometimes crack and bleed; you get a sense that it is not something to take for granted.

There is a general agreement among medics that psoriasis is a genetic condition, in which case, it can be hereditary.

You should not fret because despite it being hereditary, psoriasis is treatable. Another explanation is that psoriasis can also occur due to autoimmune reactions in the body. In this case, T-cells attack your body, causing a reaction that manifest as psoriasis.


Treating Psoriasis

Now, anyone suffering from this condition will want to ask, how then does one treats psoriasis?

Well, there are many different treatment procedures, each offering relief from the condition.

In this post, we emphasis Dead Sea treatments approaches that work.

The following are natural remedies to psoriasis with affiliation to Dead Sea mineral salts:


1.     Thalassic therapy

To every skin condition, there is a therapy that works, restoring its beauty to natural suppleness and look. Thalassic therapy is an effective remedy that provides quick relief to psoriasis.

Taking into consideration symptoms of psoriasis, thalassic therapy which involves floating in the Dead Sea helps replenish deficient skin minerals such as potassium and calcium.


2.     Pelotherapy

The second Dead Sea treatment for psoriasis we recommend is pelotherapy. It involves wrapping one’s self in Dead Sea mud.

You already know that mud from the world’s saltiest lake, like its waters, is rich in mineral compounds. Thus, like thalassic therapy, pelotherapy is an effective natural treatment for psoriasis at the Dead Sea.


3.     Balneotherapy

We also want to recommend Balneotherapy, another effective Dead Sea treatment for psoriasis. It is a form of mineral therapy that involves immersion one’s self in heated water. The underlying factor here is that the water should contain recommended amounts of Dead Sea mineral salts. 


4.     Moisture treatment

Under controlled conditions, exposure to moisture that evaporates from the Dead Sea is another effective method for treating psoriasis. The most important think is not to overdo it.


5.     Use of Dead Sea mineral rich skincare products

If you cannot travel all the way to the Dead Sea for Balneotherapy or thalassic treatment, you can always use ideal cosmetics from this part of the world. They have proven effective on psoriasis among other skin conditions.


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