The Secrets of Natural Soaps

Natural Soaps

Natural Soaps


More and more people are giving up the cosmetics that they can find on the shelves of supermarkets and try the natural approach. The natural soaps have many benefits for our health and they should be taken in consideration on the next cosmetics list as any secret of their can be used in our advantage.



Soaps and the secret of unnatural toxins



Let’s reveal a secret first: the soaps that you find in stores are not natural, but full of chemicals. If you already knew that secret, then you are one step ahead. It is time you started to be concerned about the toxins definition that your family is ingesting or coming in contact with in some form or another as there is no secret that chemicals and toxins are part of our daily life.

The one thing that we are in contact with quite frequently are the soaps and that is no secret. We use them at home before each meal and at work before each visit to the toilet. Now you might be able to grasp the idea that natural is much better and, in secret, you already knew that.


Natural soaps do not destroy your skin


Natural soaps

Using natural soaps will help you avoid, or at least reduce many common skin products – and that is one great first secret. The natural ingredients in the soaps will contribute to the health of your skin as they offer the natural nutrients that it needs, also helping it maintain its balance. The normal soaps will remove the naturally present glycerin and introduce harsh substances into your skin. That’s a secret you might not have known.

The biggest secret: There are no more natural soaps If you pay attention to the label on the soaps in supermarkets, you will discover that the word “soap” does not appear on them. They are moisturizing bars, beauty bars or anything with bars. They are not holding a secret from you: the real soap is almost gone. So why wouldn’t you try the natural soap? It’s time for one more secret: there are three ways of making natural soaps: by melting and pouring – which is used for purely glycerin soaps, the hot process and the cold process.

The secret ingredients in the natural soaps


The secret ingredients

The hot process uses heat after saponification, unlike the cold process which (and that is another secret) is the best. The secret behind the natural soaps are the ingredients: they are pure, natural, organic oils or fats. The secret is to know the right combination in order to create the proper soaps that will get to the public. Natural soaps can also come with another secret: small bits of plants and petals are incorporated for fragrance.

One more secret: read the label of natural soaps

As with regular soaps, there is one more step that you should take in consideration and one more secret to know. Even if they are natural soaps, you should read the labels and see if all the ingredients are natural. There is no secret that even some manufacturers may cheat and include some fragrances and while you might looking for natural soaps, what you buy is not exactly completely natural.


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