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Can We Really Change the Way Our Skin Looks? Check This Out

We all want beautiful skin. We all want to look like the celebrities that we see on our TV screens or the models in magazine covers. Smooth, supple, young-looking skin is the ultimate goal.

However, we know that these glamorous looks are the product of editing and heavy makeup, and reality sets in once we see these celebrities out of the cameras or off the magazine pages.

Thus, we realize that these people up in the spotlights are human, too, and if they can’t maintain that glowing skin out of the limelight, what chance do we regular people have?

Can we transform the way our skin looks? How long will this take? What are our options? These are the questions that will be answered here, plus more.

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It’s Not a 180 Degree Change

All humans with working legs and adequate mental capacity can jump. However, how high we can jump is defined by our level of athleticism as well as how well our muscles, bones, and joints are built.

While we can do exercises and practice jumping techniques to improve our vertical leap, there is still a ceiling that we, as humans, cannot exceed.

For that reason, you probably won’t be seeing five-foot tall people dunking basketballs soon, although some professional athletes are capable of making some amazing jumps.

The human skin is pretty much like that. You are born with the type of skin that you want, and while beauty regimens and other types of treatment can change how your skin looks, it won’t be by much.

The only way that your skin can radically transform is either by some genetic anomaly of through invasive procedures, and these are either rare or impractical.

While it is possible to have smoother and clearer skin through usual means, do not expect improvements by leaps and bounds.

What Habits Can Helps Us Change Our Skin’s Appearance?

There are many ways by which you can improve your skin, and in some cases you do not even have to spend on these habits and methods.

The first thing that you should do to transform your skin is to limit your exposure to the sun. Always wear sunscreen and protective clothing if you know that you will be exposed to the sun’s rays.

Diet and exercise are often neglected habits when it comes to skin health. A healthy lifestyle will radiate inside and out, which is why living healthily is one of the most important things that you can do for your skin.

Getting enough sleep and drinking enough water are habits that are also often overlooked. Having enough sleep lets your skin recover from daily trauma, while water hydrates the skin and makes it more flexible.

It is also very important to protect your skin from irritants and pollution. Always wash your face before you go to sleep and after you sweat. Clean all bed sheets and pillowcases regularly as well.

You should always try to reduce stress whenever you can. Stress releases hormones that can hurt your skin. Always try to remove yourself from toxic situations and smile whenever you can.

Aging Matters

Age is a determining factor in the quality of your skin. Yes, you can use beauty products and follow the instructions above to help maintain your skin quality. However, Father Time still wins in the end.

Our cells renew itself constantly for as long as well are alive. However, its quality changes as we grow older. This will reflect on our skin even while we are still young and it becomes more obvious as we age.

It is an inevitable fact of life, but we can do a lot to delay it. This is why some people of the same age appear younger or older than each other. It is part lifestyle and part genetics that determines this.

Though the aging of our skin can be slowed down, it cannot be reversed at least through natural means.

Fad treatments simply do not work because we cannot change how our cells operate.

Research is being done, though, on how we can actually stop our skin and other cells from aging. There have been promising studies but there has been no breakthrough in this as of yet.

However, whatever outcome will only delay the inevitable as finding a viable solution would be akin to finding the key to immortality itself.

Can Beauty Products Help?

Beauty products can provide tremendous help in improving the quality of our skin. Vitamins such as Vitamin C and E, as well as products containing aloe vera or dead sea salt have shown definite promise.

You can definitely smoothen rough skin. You can get rid of your pimples. You can even whiten your skin to a certain degree. However, beauty products can only work with what is already there.

Beauty products are not miracle cures, and it will take years of use as well as huge lifestyle changes before you can see a difference in how you look. Any product that promises instant results is probably a sham.

As how your skin looks will depend on factors such as age, genetics, and lifestyle, beauty products like moisturizers, cleansers, and creams can only work on a limited capacity in just one of these areas.

Beauty products cannot reverse your age nor change your cell structure. As such, it can be said that beauty products can provide changes, albeit not in the permanent way as well as by leaps and bounds.

Still, there is no harm in faithfully following a beauty regimen, and it can definitely help if you use beauty products to help preserve and enhance the way that your skin looks.

You still have to accept the fact, though, that these habits can only enhance what is already there. For that reason, you should learn to be happy in your own skin.

Confidence and positivity goes a very long way, and that attitude can definitely radiate outward so that it can positively affect how you and others perceive the way that you look.

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