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Free shipping for orders over $49.00

Have any Question Give Us a Call +1-91-7722-5950

Dead Sea Cosmetics And Skin Care Shop

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Welcome to Dead Sea Minerals cosmetics shop - Your Dead Sea Cosmetics and Natural Store. We sell Canaan Cosmetics minerals & herbs – the finest series of Dead Sea products, Canaan Organics, Spa products to help you make your home spa, Argan oil products with Argan pure oil  for hair treatment in order to make your hair alive. We undertake to provide you with the best Dead Sea products that have been developed following a unique concept along with all the minerals of the Dead Sea directly from the factory. Since older times, millions of people from around the world have visited the Dead Sea in order to relax, to enjoy its beauty and experience its healing capabilities, refreshing the beauty of the body and the soul.

Dead Sea mud and sea salts are 100% natural without any additions or preservatives, to recreate the Dead Sea experience and allow you to benefit from the Dead Sea’s skin treatments in the comfort of your own home.   What do we offer? Dead Sea products- Face and body treatment. Spa products – Body treatment like you were in Spa. Argan oil products- Hair treatment with natural Argan oil. 

Our vision is to become the 1 International online store that gives the best quality cosmetic products directly from the manufacturer to the customer. In order to give the best service we work with Israeli post office and provide free shipping without adding it to the product price so the customer can get the products he bought with a fair price.

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Our Philosophy

We believe in achieving beauty through nature. From Mother Nature we take all the energy sources that are effective to arouse and intensify the beauty of the human body. We use with wisdom the vast variety of the minerals and salts that the Dead Sea has to offer, without any environmental damage or ecological influence for the World. Through keeping to our philosophy, the containers that our products are packaged in are recyclable and environmentally friendly. Our products and their compounds have not been tested on animals in any form or manner.


Our Vision



We believe that good opportunities need to be shared, there for we provide opportunities: Dead Sea Cosmetics invites you to become a distributor. To be a part of our success, and be exclusive in your area. We want you to have success and give you the best opportunity to make money and provide your family a better life.  

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Dead Sea skincare shop


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