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How To Use Dead Sea Salt For Face?

How to use dead sea salt for face Ice Bath therapy near me

One of the main features of Dead Sea salt is its versatility to use it to help to alleviate different medical conditions. Also, you can use it as a treatment to replenish cells and skin from essential minerals. For every condition you want to use it there is also a different way to apply it. You can use natural Dead Sea salt or as a main ingredient to commercial cosmetics products. Here you can find the most common ways to use it.

Face mask

You can blend Dead Sea salt with essential oils like coconut, lemon, almond, or rose hip seed, to name a few. The proportion should be two portions of Dead Sea salt and one portion of oil. The measures could be taken with a tablespoon or a cup. Since you will use it on your face, it is convenient to crush the salt as much as you can to avoid any damage. 

Once the mix is ready, you can apply it to your face for about 2-3 minutes and then rinse it off with mild water. Its use helps to exfoliate and hydrate your skin and results in radiant skin. The Dead Sea salt is a potent element that should be controlled when you use it. And skin´s face is too delicate to handle more time with the salt.

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Bath therapy

Bath therapy near me

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Dead Sea salt has an enormous relaxing property due to the content of magnesium. Hence, it is a wonderful sleep and relaxing therapy for baths at the end of the day. To prepare a bath, add 4 tablespoons or a cup to the water of a bathtub.  

Use warm water to ease the dissolution of the salt and to open the pores of your skin. At the same time, you will be nurturing your skin and internal organs as well as alleviate joints and muscles. If you suffer from psoriasis or eczema, the bath can also help to reduce itching and inflammation of the skin. 


Applying Dead Sea salt to the scalp can stimulate blood circulation and eliminate dandruff. As a result, you can reduce hair loss and even stimulate the growth of new hair. To apply it, you only have to massage pure Dead salt or with some oil for about ten minutes. 

Table salt

To use Dead Sea salt like table salt, it is necessary to make it edible. To do so, it is necessary to process it and crystallize it to remove all the impurities and the excess magnesium. Nowadays, many renowned chefs use it to enhance the flavor of their recipes. The salt helps to accelerate digestion and get dissolved slowly. 

Cosmetics products

Nowadays, you can find a variety of cosmetic products that contain Dead Sea salt as an ingredient. Among them, you can find hydrating creams, serums, cleansers, facial masks, spa lines, and more. They are safe to use. If you have never used Dead Sea salt, perhaps this is the best way to start and try its benefits. 

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