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Mastering Foot Care: Top Tips for Happy and Healthy Feet

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Not many people give their feet that priority they give their hands or any other part of their body for that matter. Feet are more often than not forgotten and stay without getting any particular special care as they deserve.

It is important that we give our feet that special treatment once in a while but as far as day to day feet care goes, there are a few things that we should be able to exercise.

Mastering Foot Care - Top Tips for Healthy Feet  

Of importance is being able to take care of your feet from the comfort of your home. You would be surprised at how easy it can be to achieve good skin by just giving your feet a few minutes daily and tending to them by giving them that care that they so deserve. Here are a few tips to help you keep your feet in top shape.

  • Soaking your feet in water

    It may not seem like much but soaking your feet in water usually helps smoothen and soften skin while it can also help exfoliate dead skin cells, making feet smoother. The water is supposed to be mixed with products that contain ingredients such as milk and fruit juices, which contain natural acids that can gently dissolve dry and rough skin.

    • Moisturizing the skin with a cream

    Generally, foot creams are typically thicker and more viscous than body creams because they are meant to deliver more moisture. The best moisturizers should have glycerin, hyaluronic acid, and Shea butter in their ingredient list since they are believed to work best in terms of hydration. If thick, scaly skin does not have a change after such applications then you would be advised to use a foot cream that contains exfoliating lactic acid. This dissolves dry patches while it hydrates. Lotions containing urea can also break down calluses and smooth hardened heels.

    • Use of exfoliates

    If your feet are dry but not chapped or cracked, you could try an exfoliating cream in addition to your lotion. The exfoliating cream will slough off the dry, dead skin and reveal smooth, soft skin beneath. You can then keep your skin moisturized by regularly applying your favorite emollient lotion.

    • Taking drinking water

    Despite trying to practice all the aforementioned exercises we should not forget the old practice of drinking water as this helps hydrate our bodies. Remember one of the reasons behind cracked feet is dehydration. It is always recommended that you drink at least eight to ten glasses of water daily.

    Water will help to keep your feet skin soft and supple and soon the problem of cracked feet will get solved. Besides water you can also increase the intake of fruits and vegetables that have higher water content. Tea alcohol consumption and coffee intake should therefore be reduced as their consumption lead to dehydration.


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    All said and done, whatever exercise regimen you choose to adopt, it is equally important to know which kind of shoes are best for your feet and whether socks or stockings are best for you.

    Regardless of your preference, just know that feet too need to breathe. Very tight shoes are definitely not good. If you are a socks wearer, always try to remove them at times so that your feet can breathe. Once you observe that, you should look forward to having soft and supple skin down there too.

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