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The Biggest Lie Of The Largest Cosmetic Brands In The World

The cosmetics industry is a billion-dollar industry, and with so much competition in the field, there can be some wild claims and outright lies thrown around that can misinformation the public.

Sales and marketing teams invest a lot of money in ensuring that their products stand out among the rest. What some of they say, however, are far from the truth.

As such, consumers spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars each year on beauty products that promise results but never fail to disappoint.

The larger the company, the larger the lie. Here are some of the things that these cosmetic companies tell you but are completely untrue.

If You Don’t Use Their Products, You’re Ugly

Cosmetic products don’t do anything to change bone structure or the general shape of your face. These are the major determinants of beauty, and the quality of your skin is not a major deciding factor.

While attractiveness can be enhanced through beauty products, it is false to claim that, by using cosmetics, you will suddenly look like the models that appear in their commercials.

There are multitudes of women who are not even aware of beauty products from big brand companies, yet they can go head to head with loyal consumers when it comes to beauty.

Barring surgeries or other forms of treatment, beauty is mostly genetic and the best that cosmetic products can do is enhance the beauty that is already there.

Endorsers Use Their Products

Big cosmetic brands pay millions for celebrities to endorse their products. Those who are susceptible to these types of campaigns will instantly grab these endorsed products to look like their favorite stars.

However, this is a huge lie as many endorsers don’t even use these products that they endorse. Advertising materials also use a lot of makeup, lighting effect, and even editing to get the desired results.

In addition, endorsers have access to stylists, trainers, and even doctors that can nip, cut, tuck, and shape their faces and bodies to get the look that they want.

If you do not have the resources and the amount of money that these endorsers have, then your dream of looking like your favorite celebrity is going to be something that is difficult to achieve.

Only Their Patented Ingredients Do the Job

In the cosmetic industry, newer does not necessarily mean better. Many components used in today’s beauty products have already been discovered decades ago.

The efficacy of these ingredients have been proven and known for several years, and many consumers already have tried and tested products that they would no longer want to change.

The problem and danger of “new and improved” ingredients is that the FDA does not regulate what goes into cosmetic products. Another issue regarding newly introduced products are potential side-effects.

As a consumer, you might be familiar with product recalls. Some of these are caused by manufacturing flaws. However, some of these are due to side effects that have just been recently discovered.

As such, you should not believe the hype bout new wonder products as these are more often than not just ploys to get you to spend. It is still best to stick to tested products that work well with your skin.

You are Getting Your Money’s Worth

What’s the difference between a hundred dollar face cream and one that costs half the price? Big brand companies may provide you with lots of scientific data, but the fact is nobody really knows.

Most of the time, the additional cost that you pay for “premium” products pay for the fancy packaging, the marketing costs, as well as the endorsement fees for celebrities.

When it comes to its actual effects, the difference between high-end and corner store beauty products are negligible.

You can literally save thousands of dollars if you try the cheapest items and work your way up rather than the other way around. You may be surprised how low you can go to get the effects that you want.

Luxury cosmetic products are one of the biggest commercial scams in history. You should not let yourself become a victim by knowing that a high price does not necessarily mean a superior product.

You Need Specialty Products

The skin of all people are essentially the same. While the nutrients that each type of skin may differ by miniscule amounts, most cosmetic products can satisfy any skin type. 

Right now, you can see creams and moisturizers marketed for men, for dry skin, or for oily skin. What’s the difference between these and “regular” products? Not a lot.

Of course, since these are specially made, companies are capable of charging much more. However, you’re just getting more or less the same effect albeit in a different jar or tube.

While there is no cure-all solution for all of your skin problems, it does not justify spending more on something that will pretty much get you the same results.

All Claims are True

Commercials or labels claim that nine out of ten dermatologists recommend their product. Some may also claim that they have been tested to be better than their competitors in reducing acne.

All of these are nice to hear. However, try and find official studies or publications about these claims and you’ll most likely be empty handed.

Try and read the ingredients of two different products and you will notice that a majority of them will be the same. With a very small difference between these items, effectivity would hardly seem noticeable.

Many claims that you see in advertisements are largely untrue. As there are no government-ruling bodies to regulate statements on labels and commercials, what you get is a jungle of lies and hype.

What we are trying to say is that the biggest lie that big cosmetic brands tell you is that you need them to be beautiful. This is very far from the truth.

By using natural ingredients, eating healthy, and maintaining a high level of hygiene, you can get skin that is better looking than anything touched by expensive cosmetic products that cheat you out of your money.

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