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The Dead Sea: A Natural Wonder and Health Retreat

Jordan River starts to float The Dead Sea What is Dead Sea?

The Dead Sea (The Sea of Death) also called as Salt Sea is 377 meter deep, the world’s deepest hypersaline lake on Earth.  Almost 34 % Salinity present in the Dead Sea makes it one of the world’s saltiest water bodies. The Dead Sea extends from Jordan to Israel and West Bank. Comparing to oceans, The Dead Sea is 8.6% saltier than the Oceans.

The Dead Sea has harsh environment in which nothing can flourish. The Dead Sea is about 55 Km long and 18 Km wide.  The Dead Sea was world’s one of the first health resorts, it attracts visitor from Mediterranean for almost thousands of years. The Dead Sea has water density of 1.240 Kg/L, so that anything which goes inside the Dead Sea will starts to float.

The Greeks called it Lake Asphaltites

The Arabs called it as Al-Bahr Al-Mayyit (means “The Dead Sea”), and The Hebrew called it as Yam ah-Melah. Likewise various civilizations referred it in their own language. The Dead Sea is endothermic lake lies along the tectonic plate boundary between the Arabian Plate and the African Plate.  There are some small under water springs found under the Dead Sea.

The Dead Sea has only Jordan River flows into it. The Dead Sea has very less annual rainfall less than 50 millimeters per year.  The Dead Sea region has a radiation explosion on weakened ultra violet rays especially the UVB Rays. The Dead Sea temperature affects the surrounding areas.  During summer the Sea temperature will be lower than the land temperature, and during winter it will be vice versa.


Dead Sea major health research

The Dead Sea becomes a major health research center for several reasons. The water has high mineral content and the pollen content of the atmosphere is very comparatively lower than other areas.  The atmosphere in the Dead Sea has reduced ultraviolet component of solar radiation. The persons experiencing respiratory problem seems to benefit from the Dead Sea atmosphere.  The biological effects of the sun’s radiation, local climatic features of the Dead Sea and Special atmospheric constituents made it a popular center for several types of therapies.

The Dead Sea is called as dead-one because the content of salt present in the sea makes the sea “a dead planet”. The high salt content prevents the growth of macroscopic aquatic organism. During flood, the color of the Dead Sea turns to Red color. The Researchers found that the salt content of the Sea reduces to 30% from 35% which allows the Dunaliella to grow on the Dead Sea.

The Dead Sea allows the growth of Dunaliella algae red pigmented algae. But after 1980, the Dead Sea Basin becomes very dry and the growth of algae and fungi never occurs on that Sea Basin.

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