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The Essential Minerals Found in Dead Sea Salt

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The Dead Sea is well-known for its therapeutic, cosmetic, and curative properties. Such benefits rely on various elements and the content of minerals in the salt is one of them. Minerals are natural elements present in the food and other sources in the Earth which are necessary for the development of the human body.

Despite minerals are crucial for the body´s health, the body doesn't produce them. Hence, it needs to get them from food and other natural supplements. In this sense, the high content of minerals in Dead Sea salt is a natural source that the body can easily absorb when it is exposed to them. When the body can get them massively as it does with Dead Sea salt, it can regulate many of its natural functions. Moreover, the special combination and percentage of content of those minerals play a major role to deliver its powerful effects.   

Location of minerals

All minerals found in the Dead Sea Salt are distributed between water and mud. However, the proportion and distribution may vary depending on the season of the year, rainfall, depth, or weather.

Dead Sea Vs. Ocean water mineral content

Before mentioning the mineral content of the Dead Sea, it is necessary to clear up that it is different from Ocean water. The main difference comes from the content of pure salt. In ocean water,

 the content of salt is about 3.5% and sodium chloride in the salt reaches up to 85%.

On the contrary, in the Dead Sea, the content of pure salt reaches up to 35% and the sodium chloride is only about 30%. That is a major difference. Due to that, when people refer to Dead Sea salt, they are also acknowledging that it is also a major source of minerals. In fact, the lower content of sodium leaves space for higher proportions of additional minerals as we will see below.

Minerals found in Dead Sea salt

According to the latest research, the Dead Sea salt contains up to 32 minerals. The major proportion comes from 21 of them. And some of the highest levels are part of the minerals that are essential for body functioning.

The abundance of essential minerals is what attracts numerous tourists to the Dead Sea every year. The absorption of those minerals helps them to improve their medical conditions. The content of essential minerals includes the following: Calcium, iron, copper, fluoride, selenium, phosphorus, potassium, zinc, iodine, copper, manganese, bromide, and magnesium.

To measure their proportion, it is common to use the number of ions of each mineral as a method to measure the presence of minerals in the salt. From all of them, the bromide mineral stands out due to the high level that is only available in the Dead Sea.

By absorbing minerals in massive ways, the human body can find significant alleviation for skin disorders like psoriasis, eczema, burns, allergies, and many more. Also, minerals can help to alleviate respiratory, hormonal, and heart conditions.

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