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What Causes Acne On The Cheek?

what causes acne on cheekbones what causes acne on cheeks

Everybody wishes to have clean and clear skin- skin that is spotless, tight, and not dull at all. As much as we wish to have such skin, luck is never on our side, and we end up getting acne or pimples. Having acne is downright frustrating; one cannot wear makeup nor put anything else on the face. 

The worst thing about having acne is that it leaves marks. So, while it is already bad to have on-going acne, it turns worse when it goes away. 

So, what are the causes of acne on the cheek? What triggers acne? 

We often end up getting acne and wonder how it happened. Research has shown that acne is very common, especially among those who have just hit puberty. 

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Let's discuss the causes of having acne on the cheek:


We have listed a few reasons for what causes acne on the cheek:


One of the most common and popular causes of getting acne on the cheek, especially among females, is facial hair removal tools and creams. When both men and women use certain facial waxes or bleach, the toxins and chemicals in certain products are too strong for your skin, which results in acne. The rash after wax might turn into severe acne if not treated with warmth instantly.


One other major reason for having acne on the cheek is excessive use of skin products. Experimenting with new skin products now and then is a complete no-no for your skin. Your skin is not meant to be experimented with, especially the facial area. The best way to tackle this problem is to choose a good, authentic product or two. Do patch tests and apply them for four to five weeks to get them working. 

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It is very common to apply makeup before office or an event. As soon as you get home, you feel too lazy to get up and do your night chores. Sleeping with makeup on is the worst thing you can do to your skin. If you ask us what causes acne on the cheek, our answer would be clogged pores

When we do not use a makeup remover and do not rinse all the makeup off, it clogs our pores. When our skin is unable to breathe, it causes acne on our face and other parts of the body. 


what causes acne cysts on cheeks

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We have heard this many times- What we eat is what we are. This is so true! If you do not drink water and your diet consists of fats and carbs only, it will show on your face as your skin will start breaking out. It is important to keep your diet healthy if you want an acne less face and glowing skin. 

Acne can happen at any age. What’s important is that you notice the cause of acne on the cheek, analyze the pattern, and resolve it. 

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