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What Is The Mystery Behind Dead Sea?

Black Mud Dead Sea Water sunbath Thermal springs What is Dead Sea

Dead Sea is positioned in the south of Jordan Valley, situated about a thousand meter below the level of sea. It is for this reason it is known to be the lowest point on the Earth. For all those who want to know as to the mysteries associated with it, to start off it is surrounded by landscape that has beauty having no parallel. The Dead Sea is famous for a numerous reasons majorly because of the mineral content that has medicinal and healing properties all the while being natural.

Dead Sea Water

It is worth mentioning that Dead Sea contains twenty one minerals. The important ones include sodium, potassium, magnesium and bromine. Twelve out of these twenty one are rare ones meaning they cannot be found in any other area or water bodies on Earth.

For strictly comparison sake, the Dead Sea has ten times the minerals and salts as the well-known Mediterranean Sea. The high salt content in the water is unable to endorse marine life.

Thermal springs

These springs can be found to be in a number of locations near the shores of Dead Sea. Among the many minerals present in these springs, sulfur happens to be at its prime. As to what is the mystery behind Dead Sea, it is the sulfur content that is able to improve the circulatory system of the body thereby regulating the oxygen supply to all parts of the body.


Among the many few places on the planet Earth, the Dead Sea is one location where you can sunbath for prolonged time periods without being harmed in any way.

It is quite interesting to know that the ultraviolet rays that reach us are filtered to a large extent. The three layers that filter it are the atmospheric layer, the ozone layer and lastly the evaporation layer that surrounds the Dead Sea itself. 

Surrounding air

The air that surrounds the Dead Sea is unbelievably dry, clean, and less humid and pollen free. Since there is a persistent process of evaporation going on the air is able to sustain large traces of numerous minerals such as bromine giving a relaxed, happy feel to it. The general air having about more than eight percent of oxygen, it further facilitates clean breathing in the body and rejuvenates the fresh feel.


Black Mud

This is by far the most enigmatic part of the Dead Sea, its properties and its history. The mud is black in color and is a homogeneous mix of minerals, salts and other significant organic elements. The mud has both medicinal and cosmetic properties in it and it being natural doesn’t show up any side effects on the body. On the whole, the mud aids in deep cleansing of the skin pores and provides relief from ailments like arthritis, eczema all the while enhancing the oxygen supply to the skin tissues.

For those who haven’t had the chance to visit Dead Sea or use products composed out its mud, should definitely try it for they don’t know what they are missing out.

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