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From Botox to Laser Therapy: Which Wrinkle Treatment is Right for You?

After noticing your first wrinkles, it is normal that you wonder how you can get rid of them. And, if you have been noticing how they keep growing and showing up it is time to do something about it. Because yes! It is possible to do something to reduce them and prevent them. What is even better is that you do not have one way to do it but many. 

Treatments for wrinkles go from the most sophisticated surgical procedures to non-surgical and natural options. It will all depend on how much time and effort you are willing to invest. Here we will tell you some of the most popular. 



Botox is one of the most popular methods to treat wrinkles. Despite its results may look a little artificial, people keep asking for it. The reason is that it really makes wrinkles get away by keeping the muscles from contracting. However, it doesn´t work well on any type of wrinkles. Instead, it is recommended for certain areas such as frown lines, including those between the forehead and eyebrows. 

In addition, it does not require anesthesia or surgery and recovery time is just about 3 days. The downside is that you have to repeat the procedure just a few months later. Due to that “Botox - parties” have become popular among some clients.

Skin removal

By removing the upper layers of the skin, it is possible to refresh the complexion. when new skin resurfaces, it shows up with less or without wrinkles. Depending on how deep the procedure is, the results may be more or less positive. Some of the most popular treatments include the following:

Dermabrasion / Microdermabrasion

These two procedures remove the surface layer of the skin but microdermabrasion only removes a fine one. In both cases, it uses a rotating brush and the results might take some weeks to appear. And of course, you need to repeat the treatment several times. 

Chemical peel

This treatment also removes a layer of the skin but uses a chemical solution. The new skin is smoother and you can choose how deep to apply the treatment. Although you may end with some side effects. the final result when it is done properly s wonderful!


Sunscreen works slowly to reduce wrinkles. That is why you need to start using it as soon as you can. At first, it is a very effective way to prevent wrinkles because it blocks sunrays that affect your skin. It is always recommended to apply it as part of your regular skincare routine. Do not forget that the natural protection of planet Earth is getting thinner each day. Therefore, sunblock is now essential o protect yourself against sunray´s effects.  

Creams and lotions

Lotions, serums, oils, and creams are not only a way to treat wrinkles but to prevent them. The results vary depending on the ingredients and the formula may combine vitamins and antioxidants. The market has plenty of options for all types of skin. Currently, some of the most potent formulas and ingredients are the following:


This compound is derivates from vitamin A. It works by increasing the production of collagen and new blood vessels. You might need about a year to see the results but it is totally worth waiting for them. Initially, the purest retinol should usually be prescribed by doctors. But the market offers thousands of over-the-counter products with additional benefits. 

Hyaluronic acid

This ingredient works for being a strong humectant. When you apply it, it goes to superficial and deep layers of your skin. Since we naturally produce hyaluronic acid, adding it to products comes to increase natural production. It also stimulates the production of collagen. You can find it in serums, injections, facial masks, and so on. It is safe to use and you can start noticing the results soon if you use the right concentration.

Those are only examples of what you can find in creams and lotions. You can also check many others like Vitamin C, Dead Sea Salt, and many other ingredients included in over-the-counter creams. 

In any case, consider that the results and effects of all the procedures and treatments depend on a variety of internal and external factors. Since aging is a non-stop process, you need to keep taking care of your skin by repeating the treatments. That will be the only way to maintain the benefits. 

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