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Natural Dead Sea Mud Mask Bucket

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Natural Dead Sea mud mask for face and body 1000 gr is extremely augmented and contains more than 27 natural minerals. It helps to prevent inflammation and is considered as an effective cosmetic product. Dead Sea Mud consists of three main fractions:
1. CRYSTALLINE PART consists of calcium, magnesium and bromine salt crystals, as well as of at least 20 elements required for provision of life processes.
2. COLLOIDAL PART consists of ferrous sulfate, which adds the mud the grey-black color.
3. THE ORGANIC PART consists of organic acids and other products containing the bacteria required for bodily functions.

• clears the body from impurities and toxins
• stimulates vegetative nervous system
• improves skin turgor and tones the skin
• activates neuroendocrine system
• reduces development of pathogenic microbes
• prevents development of inflammatory processes
• stimulates skin tissue renewal processes
• activates blood circulation and lymphatic drainage
• stimulates skin cell regeneration processes
• stimulates metabolic processes


• as an additional product for scalp care in case of seborrhea, dandruff and psoriasis, for strengthening of hair follicle in case of premature and increased hair loss
• as a cosmetic product for body in order to improve looks - anti-cellulite, for treatment of limp and aged skin
• as a healing aid in case of various skin diseases, for example, dermatitis, forms of chronic eczema and psoriasis.
• as an aid against joint pain and bone-muscle injuries - arthritis and osteoarthritis.


• during acute inflammatory processes
• tumours (malignant and benign)
• mental disorders (epilepsy, severe neurosis, progressive paralysis)
• pregnancy
• at age of more than 65 years only local procedures with a small application area
• hypersensitivity against the product ingredients
• hypertension


    How to use:
    There are general and local mud procedures. Depending on a physician's recommendations, mineral mud can be applied on the whole body for wrapping procedures or locally - on individual areas, muscles and joints. Similarly mud can be used as a mask, which effectively treats dandruff and strengthens hair follicle. 

    1. Full mud procedure
    2. Mud applications
    3. Mud applications on scalp


    A full mud procedure is performed in order to stimulate metabolism and activate detox processes, reduce excessive weight and body size. The mud is used warmed up to 36-40°С.


    • before mud applications, the client has to take a shower
    • cover the massage table with a warm blanket and then a polyethylene cover
    • warm the necessary amount of mud in the required temperature
    • the recommended amount - 500 g for one procedure
    • peeling with a body scrub Ocean, shower with warm water
    • apply the Dead Sea gel (it will stimulate better absorption of minerals from the mud and help in clearing off the mud from the body afterwards)
    • apply the mud over the whole body, except breast area
    • after application of the mud, wrap the body in polyethylene and blanket
    • procedure length - 20 to 30 minutes
    • rinse the mud in shower without soap. Dry the skin. 
    • the mud can be wiped off with paper towels or wet wipes, then rinse the residue in the shower
    • during the procedure, the client must drink water
    • if a massage is performed after the procedure, then choose a suitable product. If the massage is not planned, apply Seven species multi-purpose cream over the whole body.

    Mud applications help to stimulate blood circulation to the treated area and activate all kinds of metabolism processes, provide a warming effect. The mud are used warmed up to 38-42 °С


    • clean the areas to be treated with clean, warm water
    • warm up the amount of mud needed for the procedure to the required temperature; the recommended amount of mud - 100 g on the area to be treated
    • apply the mud to the area to be treated and wrap in polyethylene
    • procedure length - 30 to 40 min. After the procedure, wash off the mud with water, without soap
    • if a massage is performed after the procedure, it is recommended to do it immediately. If the massage is not performed, then apply a cream or another nourishing product on the treated area.


    Mud procedure with 100% Dead Sea mineral-mud helps to strengthen and nurture hair follicle, clear the scalp from dandruff and excess oil. Soft massage after the application stimulated blood circulation, gives hair healthy, shining looks and volume. The mud are used warmed up to 20-25 °С

    • moisten the hair, massage the warmed-up mud in the scalp and apply on the whole hair
    • the recommended volume for one mud application is 200 g
    • massage for 2-3 minutes, put on a polyethylene cap and wrap in a towel
    • procedure length - 15 to 20 min
    • then wash hair with a mud shampoo from Health&Beauty depending on the hair type and rinse with cool water.

    1 kg (1000 gr)

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