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How Do You Lighten Your Skin By Using Rice Toner?

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Rice toner has been the best-kept beauty secret for many years. But not anymore! Nowadays, many cosmetics brands offer their version of it. On the other hand, it is so simple and easy to prepare and apply that everyone should try it.  

It offers many benefits and lightening your skin is one of them. In fact, being able to deliver all its benefits at once in a natural way is what makes it an invaluable resource. So, now that you already know about it, let's see how you can make it, use it to lighten your skin, and obtain its benefits.

How rice toner works to lighten your skin

Rice has plenty of nutrients that help to lighten your skin. They include vitamins A and E, amino acids, proteins, and carbohydrates. As a result, your skin obtains high levels of hydration and protection. This allows your skin to get rid of acne marks, uneven suntan marks, and aging spots. And do not forget the milky glow that reminds you of Asian beauty. 

How to make natural rice toner

The main goal when you prepare rice toner is to obtain the best nutrients from the rice. To do so, we show you 3 ways to prepare it. In any case, you will only need white rice and water as the main ingredients. 

Regarding the type of rice, you must know that Jasmine white rice is one of the preferred ingredients. However, regular white rice and Jasmine have similar nutritional compositions. The main difference is the fragrance. 

Jasmine rice is an aromatic type similar to lavender. On the other hand, regular white rice has the fragrance that you usually find in the kitchen. 

Rice toner preparation #1

2 tablespoons of white rice

1 cup of water

1 small pot

1 spoon

1 container

1 sterilized bottle 


Put the cup of water in the pot and boil it. Then turn down the heat to medium and add the 2 tablespoons of rice. Then boil it for about 5 minutes and stir it occasionally. After five minutes, strain the rice to separate it from the water. Use the spoon to press down the rice to get out all the water from the rice. Let the water cool down and then put it in a bottle. So, there you have a fantastic and natural rice toner! You can put it in the fridge and it may last up to two weeks.

Rice toner preparation #2

Use the same ingredients as above. Put the rice in the container and then put the water in the pot until it boils. Then add the hot water to the rice and let it cool down for about 30 minutes. Finally, strain the water and put it in a bottle. There you have a rice toner too that you can keep in the fridge for some days.

Rice toner preparation #3

Add the water and the rice to a container. This time, instead of using 1 cup of water, just use half a cup of water. Then let the mix sit for about 5 - 6 hours or overnight. Finally, strain the water, and voilá! You have rice toner too. Put it in the fridge to use for several days.

The best ways to apply rice toner for lightening your skin

Rice toner in the skincare routine

Rice toner is just like any other type of toner. Whether you use natural or commercial brands, you can apply rice toner as part of your daily skincare routine. It is a leave-on product that hydrates, enhances, and clarifies your skin. 

Implements to apply rice toner

To apply rice toner to your face, you can use cotton pads, cotton balls, or a face towel. Just add some rice toner to one of these materials and then distribute the product all over your face. Let it dry and then continue with your skincare routine to hydrate your face. You can also use a spray and let it dry. 

Frequency of use 

You can apply rice toner twice a day. First, at night after you remove your makeup and before you apply your serum and other hydrating ingredients. Also, in the morning before you apply your hydrating routine and before the makeup. By doing this you assure you obtain all its benefits. 

Facial mask with rice toner

You can mix 1 portion of rice toner with yogurt, cider vinegar, or aloe vera. Then apply it on your face like a mask and leave it on for about 5-10 minutes. You will start noticing the results in a short time. 

Rice toner is an incredible and natural way to take care of your skin. What is even letter i that any type of skin can obtain its benefits in different ways.

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