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K-Pop Skin Secrets Revealed: How Idols Achieve Flawless Skin

K-Pop skin secrets

K-pop idols are always in the middle of the storm. Besides their music, lifestyle, and fashion sense, their skin also started to stand out. They look so clear and fresh that their followers want to know how they do it. So, how do they get such clear skin? Is it a real thing? 

In any case, they need some work to keep it like that. Although they might have an army of makeup artists and image editors, they always have to take care of their skin as a base. Here we want to share some of their secrets and techniques. And most importantly, we want to let you know that you can do it too.

Personalized skincare routines

A first look could make you think that a personalized skincare routine is an expensive and difficult way to take care of your face. But nothing further from the truth. Instead, it is just about knowing the special features of your skin and then finding the right products. 

K-pop idols have dermatologists and makeup artists who help them find out their special features. And surely you can find the special features of your skin too. Sometimes K-pop idols just find something that really works for them and adds it to the routine. So, how are those skincare routines? First of all, every K-pop idol agrees with following the basic steps. 

Those steps start with deep cleansing and toner, then moisturizing, and finally some deep treatments like serums, oils, or any other product. Besides that, some of them have confessed some magic tricks about the products they use, as follows:

Jung Kook from BTS 

This idol is now shining as a solo singer and recently performed in the opening ceremony of Qatar Soccer World Cup 2022. Hence, all the spotlights are over him and his face. What does he say about his skincare routine? Well, he recognizes he washes his face, then uses toner followed by hydrating cream twice a day. 

What is a surprise is that he has acne-prone skin and some scars that try to cover. And to do so, he discovered apple cider vinegar. He dissolves it in water and applies it twice a week. The results? You can judge him by yourself when you see his pictures with flawless and poreless skin.

Wooyung from ATEEZ´s 

This artist revealed that the secret was to use natural rice toner. Although he also said that he was blessed with good skin genes, rice toner helps to keep it flawless and looking so good.

Shuhua from (G)I-DLE´s

Her secret is to follow the most extensive skincare routine with more than 9 steps. That includes steaming her face, using a cleansing brush, and so on. But she also revealed that she couldn´t live without face mist!

Hwi Young from SF9’s 

Young double wash his face and doesn't dry it off. Instead, he applies toner and adds a layer of hydration lotion. In this case, the key is to lock the hydration with this method. 

Minnie from (G)I-DLE´s

Sheet masks are very popular among celebrities. But Minnie took one step ahead by doing one sheet mask for 30 days. And do it from time to time. And lucky for you, this product is available everywhere!

As you can see, there are many different methods to help your skin get clear. It is all about finding the right one. Other idols dare to say they trust a specific finger to apply the products and others use something such as simple vaseline. However, they combine all those methods with regular skincare routines.


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