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Connecting the Dots: Stress and Acne - What You Need to Know

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As kids, we were excitedly looking forward to adult life, towards growing up, but who would have perceived adulating to be this stressful? If you have a poor work-life balance, and your life is stressing you out, believe us, you are not alone. Being an adult is already not easy, and what stress does to us goes way beyond our mental health. 
While it is true that stress can be very bad for our mental health, it is equally bad for our skin too. Stress takes the shape of acne and makes things only worse for us adults.

Can Acne Be Caused By Stress?

Masses are still confused; can acne be caused by stress? Well, the answer is a big, fat, yes. Stress acne is a thing, and stress is a big trigger point for face acne. For centuries, many studies were conducted regarding the question; can acne be caused by stress? But there never was a concrete, yes or no conclusion to it. 
However, recently, it has been concluded that indeed stress can cause acne and is a big indicator.
So, how to stop it? 
The answer is simple; stop stressing out. 

Get Rid Of Acne Caused By Stress

Easier said than done, the simplest and most obvious answer of how to get rid of stress acne is to stop taking stress. But in this article, we will also discuss some other ways one can get rid of acne caused by stress.

Try Spot Treatments

The first and most important initiative to reduce stress acne is to go to a drugstore and look for a mild acne spot treatment product. These over-the-counter products can be effective in reducing it and keeping irritation at bay. 

Icing Acne

If the acne is only getting worse and turns into a cyst, icing is the best solution. The first compression method should be to take a clean piece of soft towel, warm it, and compress the acne through it. The second method will be to apply ice on the area of acne. Both the methods of compression will help in reducing the intensity and help in making it better. 

Green Tea Cubes

One cheap treatment that you can instantly take help from is to apply cubes made of green tea on the affected area. Green tea works like magic when it comes to bad acne. While this isn’t a permanent solution, it is the best step to take initially.

Go To A Dermatologist

Last but not least, go and get it checked by a dermatologist. All the methods mentioned above are safe, but none should be considered a permanent treatment. Getting acne checked by your dermatologist then and there will save you from troubles in the future.


If you ask us, “Can acne be caused by stress?” The answer is a hundred percent yes. That is why it is important not to stress and handle everything that life throws at you, calmly and peacefully. 

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